How and where to get jobs at home?


At first, it’s a bit hard to believe that we can actually make thousands of dollars at freelance sites while working at home. And the most amazing thing is that its 100% free to get jobs at these sites. Same happened to me, It was hard for me to believe it but I decided to give it a try as I never had to give any money to anyone from my own pocket. So there are no big risks.After few days of visiting freelance sites, I started to believe that there are legitimate jobs available. But then, the real problem was that how I can get these jobs? I tried and tried, but no luck. At that time, I never knew how to get any work. But the good news is that I am going to explain everything so that you can get jobs quickly. Let’s start with the basic points.What is freelancing sites?I already explained this in my previous post. Anyway, here is a quick definition. A place where buyers come and outsource jobs and service providers who are seeking jobs try to get these outsourced jobs.How to start?You need to register at freelance site. It will only take few minutes. But remember to fill in all the fields in your profile. For example, if there is a “Skills” filed, and then fill it decently. Write any experiences you have (if any). Buyers some time view service provider’s profile, so make sure you put in some good info in your profiles.What after the registration?Now, browse the freelance websites and look for latest projects. Don’t waste your time searching for old projects as it’s really difficult to get old projects.Why it’s difficult to get old projects?Because at freelance sites; there is a rating or feedback system. After service providers complete one job, the buyer pays + he gives the service provider a feedback for example “10/10” and the service provider give that buyer a feedback too. So, new service providers have Zero feedbacks. Many buyers only look for service providers with good feedbacks. They d don’t want to take risks sop they choose high rated service providers only. On old projects, many high rated service providers already have placed their Bids, so the chances of wining such projects for new service providers are really low.What is this Bid?First you look for Projects or jobs which you think you can do. Then if you find any interesting job, you place a bid on that project. Every service provider can place one bid on each project. The buyer will then choose the winner among all the bidder.For each project, there is a bid limit. For example; $30 to $250. Everyone can place bid with in this range. I suggest new service providers shall always place minimum amount in the bid. As new service providers have no feedback.
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