Searching Craigslist for Home Jobs


If you’ve ever searched for a good job on craigslist, you probably get
frustrated pretty quickly. There are so many scams there, it gets
exhausting trying to report them all. Though there are many red flags
to look for when you search that can alert you that something’s fishy.Is
the email address from a free host such as yahoo or hotmail? While this
alone does not indicate a scam, still be on high alert and look for
other clues. If the company is not mentioned, don’t be afraid to
contact the poster regarding their organization or the background of
their business or even more details concerning the position. I would
never recommend someone blindly sending out their cover and resume with
minimal flimsy information. You don’t have to feel like the pawn in
their personal playground. Speak up. Be upfront about your intentions
to apply as well as questions regarding the company’s business
affiliation.Are there mistakes in the ad? This is top of the
line high alert status. Someone who deals in human resources or owns a
business for that matter will make sure to check over their work. Would
you be comfortable flying if the pilot was not familiar with everything
inside plane? You should feel the same way when you see ads that are
not professional, includes distracting photos or crazy formatting.Do
you see the job ad posted lots of places? Craigslist has a rule and
they are very picky about the same ad being posted in different cities
at the same time. If you see this ask yourself why would a legit
company purposely not follow the rules. What would they want to gain by
receiving hundreds of resumes, especially if there is only one person
in charge of the hiring.If you see jobs that does not make
sense, be careful. Job ads that claim of $18-22 an hour working from
home with the only duties of the job is for you to answer emails
without needing education or experience is a sure sign of a scam.There
are many ads that pose as jobs though are really businesses in
disguise. They may lure you in by highlighting the business’s
background and describe the responsibilities of the job in a format
that manipulates you into believing it’s a real job. But remember. any
job you have to pay money for, isn’t a job at all.Also, don’t
be afraid to get your feet wet and go fishing. There are a handful of
websites that will search the entire Craigslist website for any search
terms found. Locate a couple of these great free ones and take a couple
hours out of your week to do some deep diving. You may find some pretty
nifty treasures.

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