Typing Jobs at Home

You have seen the ads, “Typing jobs at home!  Make money FAST!  No experience necessary.  No selling.”  These ads are tempting, because they appeal to someone who wants to work from home.  While there are a lot of legitimate work from home jobs that involve typing, many of these advertisements are misleading schemes.  So where can you find legitimate typing jobs?

First, it is important to note why many of these advertisements for typing jobs at home are scams.  Basically they tend to be “ad typist” jobs where you type in ads on a variety of job sites waiting for people to sign up for the program.  The companies you “work” for function as an affiliate program in which you get paid if people sign up for the program. 

Often people who do pay the fee to work for the company end up posting ads everywhere only to see little results.  They are given no marketing training, and they are often denied for a refund.  These companies usually post “testimonials” of people who have made much more money that you will ever see.  Actually, you will probably end up losing money in the massive amount of hours you spend trying to post ads all over the internet.

Another scam is the promise of finding you a job with a legitimate company.  Yet when you pay your fee for typing jobs at home, you will only receive a list of companies that “may” be hiring home typists.  You end up spending time calling and following up with companies that probably do not need your services.  Again, you lose out on money and time.

However, for all the scams out there, you can still find legitimate typing jobs at home.  Most of the legitimate jobs are not ad typing, but more administrative or data entry jobs.  There are job sites that specialize in postings for these legitimate jobs, and you will need to have some experience to qualify for the jobs.  Job boards like WAHM.com, E-lance, and MediaBistro.com all have legitimate jobs that the websites have investigated to make sure they are legitimate.  They also have customer service procedures if you find a scam on their sites.

So how do you tell the difference between a legitimate company and a scam?  First, you should not have to pay high fees to find typing jobs at home (the exception is E-lance, which requires a small fee to find jobs).  Some of these scams require upwards of $60 for “typing jobs at home.” 

Also, you need to protect yourself by doing research into any company offering typing jobs at home.  Look at the Better Business Bureau and on the internet to find out if there are any complaints about the company.  Use your instinct.  If you feel like you might be scammedBusiness Management Articles, you should probably avoid the offer completely.

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