10 Ways To Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

10 Ways To Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

10 ways to Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

We all know saving money is one of the most difficult battles we came across in life. With extra help, we all try to learn better habits but find it very difficult to follow through on these. You may think saving money will mean you have to give up something but this is not always the case. We all find it difficult to acknowledge our needs and wants. The first thing that many of us think of cutting down on is our cell phone bills or even downgrading our cell phones. In this post, we will be showing you 10 ways to save money on your cell phone bill enabling you to keep this luxury in your life.

Ways to save money on your cell phone bill

Furthermore, if you feel like your spending too much money on your monthly cell phone bills try and use some of our tips below to lower these costs.

Use nearby Wi-Fi

There are many locations in which WiFi is available for free. One of the easiest ways to save money on your cell phone bill is to switch to WiFi on the go. Many of us forget that when we are out and about we are draining our data usage when we could be using free local WiFi. It may take time to remember to sign into WiFi each time you move location but it will defiantly be worth it even if you forget once. There are many apps in which you can communicate within such as making phone calls on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facetime to save money and minutes.

Limit data usage

One of the most common ways in which we increase our cell phone bills is by using too much data. As mentioned above using local nearby WiFi is a good starting point in which you can save data. Try Streaming and downloading videos when on WiFi as this can also contribute to a higher bill. If you get into the habit of watching less online content you can save money on your monthly data usage by changing your data plan to a lower data usage saving you a lot of bucks each month.

Op in to money-saving sign ups

Your cell phone provider will have several options in which you can sign up for to save money each month. Services like e-billing and automatic payments can provide huge savings. Most cell phone provides charge a fee for bills to be posted to you each month. A great way to save on this is paperless billing which is free to your app or email. If you set up automatic payments you won’t have to worry about paying your bill each month or even being charged that late fee.

Watch your background apps

There are many ways in which background apps can drain your data usage. You may think once you’ve shut down your app it’s closed this is not the case on many mobiles. Apps can run in the background and charge you when your not even using them. You’ll be able to change the app settings on your mobile to enable the app to only run on when WiFi is connected. Apps that are continuously running will have an impact on your data usage without you even knowing.

Join a family plan

If you have other members of the family on monthly cell phone contracts family plans can save you a lot of money. Family plans work out a lot cheaper than many individual plans especially if your data usage is low. With the family plan, you share a combined data usage and if one member of the family requires more data they can use yours and vise versa.

Get a phone with no contract

Getting a phone with no contract can sometimes work out cheaper for you. Many of us are using no contract phone now more then we used to. Some cell phone providers charge a huge monthly bill in order to get the phone for “free” but if you work out the out right cost of the phone it can work out the same or even cheaper. Your not locked into a contract with a prepaid phone however depending on how many minutes and data you use you may find your spending a lot on top ups. In the long run this can be worse.

Remove the insurance

Another great way to save money is by canceling the insurance if you do have it. If you have a history of damaging your phone or getting it water damaged you should have insurance. Many cell phone provides charge a low monthly insurance price but have a big excess fee. Taking care of your phone can save you money on insurance costs.

keep your phone after the contract ends

Many cell phone developers try to convince you into getting the newest cellphone each year. It’s less important to get the newest device as son as it comes out then to save money. I phones are a good example as skipping a version will not make a difference as it may already be the same as your current version. If you keep your current cell phone you can also save money on monthly contracts. You’ll be able to get a sim only contract which gives you the same or even more data and minutes for a fraction of the price.

Check out promotions

Many cell phone providers try to lure customers in with promotions and deals. One of the best ways to get a new contract is to take advantage of these deals. When looking for deals make sure you look at all network carriers and what they have to offer. It will be beneficial to look at the other deals the same carrier has to offer as the one you see may not be the best. Check what you save and what you gain from each deal as they may not be as good as you think.

Examine your bill

Looking at your bill or statement and studying it can enable you to fee up a lot of money. When you receive your bill its great to see how many minutes you us, how much data you use and how much your extra costs are. Checking this information can help you save money as you may need to up grad your plan in order to save on extra costs. Adding a few dollars to your plan a month can cost a lot less then extra data usage costs or minute costs.

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