Ecomomic Downturn Boosts Work at Home Opportunities


The economy is in excellent shape. Despite the general gloom and reports of economic stagnation we are in the middle of a millionaire population explosion!  And most of these new millionaires will be work from home entrepreneurs.These ideas are not mine. They belong to world famous economist, Paul Zane Pilzer, who has an astounding reputation for accurately predicting economic trends. Here are some of his latest predictions:- The Internet has barely gotten started- The decline of the big corporations- The rise in home-based businesses- The speed of technological change will change your job, or see it disappear, within 2 or 3 years- The vast majority of people retire brokeAccording to recent surveys, 85% of Americans wished that they could work from home. A UK survey had similar results. You are one of these or you probably wouldn’t be reading this. If you think that you are secure in your job, think again. If you have recently been laid off, take heart. If you have recenty retired or about to – and you’re broke – again, take heart.More comments from Paul Pilzer:- Our (US) economy is in the middle of its greatest growth spurt in history- (Today) working for yourself is actually the the safer route, and working for a corporation has become the riskier proposition- … the age of the corporation, which barely began a century ago, now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur- Our wealth is rewarded directly in proportion to the number of people with whom we are willing to share-The technology gap is where you will find the greatest potential for growth This is where the ….Next Millionaires will come from in the years ahead of us.Remember this is coming from an expert who has never, ever been wrong.Now, I barely type with 2 fingers and can only just master sending an email, but if ever I needed an incentive to do something different with my life, this is it. Read it again. What he appears to be telling us is to spruce up our IT skills, get an online business and start to work from home.The ‘oldies’ are living for years past their retirement date and 95% of us are broke. The ‘laid off’ will probably never find a job like they had. And secure employment is not guaranteed. To work from home is the new career choice. It isn’t just about becoming a millionaire. It’s about survival.Source: Free Articles from

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