Income Boost Blueprint Local Tour Guide

Income Boost Blueprint Local Tour Guide

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Local Tour Guide

If you’ve ever traveled, you may have used a tour guide to make things a little easier on yourself. A tour guide is also likely to know those off-the-beaten-path attractions that only a local would know. At any time, there are people visiting your city that are in need of a tour guide. Could you make money by escorting visitors around your city?

It has become common to use peer-to-peer accommodations through websites like Providing tour services through similar platforms is a logical next step. This business model is quite new. You can be one of the few people in your area, so the competition is minimal.

Traditionally, commercial tour companies have provided this type of service. It’s very possible to provide these services yourself.

Typical pay rates are $15-25 per hour. Just a few hours each week is an effective way to boost your income.

There are 2 basic business models you can follow:

  1. Go it alone. This requires marketing for clients and developing the necessary infrastructure to run your business. Marketing, communication, and billing are the primary functions that require addressing.
  2. Use one or more of the peer-to-peer travel services. Recently, several peer-to-peer travel guide platforms have emerged that make the process of finding and servicing clients much easier.

The use of peer-to-peer tour guide platforms will allow your business to be up and running quickly. Fortunately, there are several options. Consider using all of them.

Peer-to-Peer Travel Platforms

There are several internet platforms that can make running your business much easier and more effective. You’re able to accomplish many tasks with a few simple clicks. These platforms are a great way to advertise your business, communicate with clients, and even perform billing functions.

These platforms can get you started:

  1. SnappyGo. This platform is a little different from the others. Rather than offering your personal services, you can create travel and activity itineraries for others.
    • The advantage of this platform is your ability to serve several locations. Maybe you live in Miami, but attended college in San Francisco, and lived for several years in Houston. You can provide information on all three cities.
    • Strive to offer ideas that go beyond the guidebooks found in the travel section of the bookstore.
    • SnappyGo will take 30% of your income for use of their platform.
  1. HipHost. HipHost will take 20% of your pay, but customers on HipHost are reminded to tip, which will help your bottom line significantly. This is a great place to offer your tours.
  2. Shiroube. This is one of the largest services. There are more than 5,000 guides in 3,000 cities.
    • You’re able to offer guide services or provide tips, information, or itineraries.
    • At this time, Shiroube is still free and doesn’t take a commission. But Shiroube also doesn’t provide a payment platform for your customers to pay you.
  1. Vayable. Vayable is perhaps the most user-friendly and offers a secure payment portal. Plus, Vayable only takes a 15% commission. Vayable also charges a 3% service fee, but your clients will pay this.

Some of these platforms are popular in particular areas. Take a look and determine which of them make sense for you. They’re all free to join and advertise, so it makes sense to utilize them all. Using a portal can launch your business almost immediately.

Creating Your Tours

The only limits to your tour focus are your imagination, the location, and the seasons. Take the time to develop a few unique ideas. The customers that use your services are looking for something interesting. Avoid competing with the other tour guides in your area.

  1. What does your area have to offer? Do you live in wine country? Near ski resorts? Is your city known for its microbreweries? Surfing? You could offer horse rides or hay rides on your farm. Make a list of the interesting activities in your location.
  2. What do you like to do? Many people have hobbies that can be enjoyed almost anywhere. Would you enjoy taking clients on a motorcycle tour? Bicycle tour? Walking tour of the downtown area? Shopping? Pub crawl?
  3. What do your friends like to do? Your friends and family might have a few good ideas, too. Perhaps your sister is an expert on the local wine tasting scene.
  4. Consider focusing on a specific demographic. Senior citizens often have different interests than children or young adults. Who can you serve?
  5. What can you do at different times of the year in your location? Depending on the season, your city might have different activities to offer. Christmas light displays in various neighborhoods, cross-country skiing, or snowmobile tours could be good winter activities. Taking visitors to the secret swimming hole could be your focus in the summer.

There are bound to be local activities that would appeal to your city’s visitors. Take advantage of your city’s offerings and consider your own interests. Become an expert on the most interesting aspects of your area.

Whether your city is known for being the home of a US president or the producer of the largest watermelons in the world, be sure your knowledge is up to speed. The more tours you’re able to offer, the more interest you’ll receive from travelers.

Other Ideas to Find Clients

Finding clients is the lifeblood of any service-based business. Advertising on the peer-to-peer platforms might be enough to keep your business going. But there are other options if you’re willing to do a little work.

  1. Approach local hotels. Most visitors to your city will stay at hotels. Visit the hotels in your area and offer to partner with them.
    • The hotel can inform guests of your tour guide services, and you can split the profits with the hotel. The guests are happy, and the hotel and you are both making extra money. That’s a true win-win situation.
  1. Approach local Airbnb providers. Peer-to-peer lodging is very popular now. Offer a commission for any business they’re able to send your way.
  2. Start a “things to do in xyz” website. Of course, you’re going to list your tour guide services as one of the options. Be sure to include the major attractions in your area, as it will help to rank your site in the search engines.


Becoming a local tour guide is a great way to put a few extra dollars in your pocket. If you live in a popular area, it’s possible to generate a healthy, full-time income. What can you offer visitors to your city that they would never find on their own? What do you like to do? Answer those questions and you’ll be on the fast track to extra income.

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