Income Boost Blueprint 7 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Computer

Income Boost Blueprint 7 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Computer

Income Boost Blueprint

7 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Computer

You can use your computer and free time for more than just surfing the internet and shopping. It’s possible to make extra money with your computer in your spare time. There are a wide variety to opportunities to turn your skills and free time into a second income. In some cases, you might be able to create a full-time income.

Avoid just jumping into the first idea that looks good. Take a little time and investigate all the opportunities. The seven suggestions below are merely a good starting point. Investigate other opportunities, too.

Commit to one or more of these tasks to boost your income:

  1. Perform microwork. You might be familiar with Mechanical Turk on, which is one example of a microwork platform. Microtasks are small jobs that can be completed very quickly. A typical task might be to complete a questionnaire or to complete a quick online search to find a specific piece of information.
  • Many websites have similar tasks available for pay, such as answering questions. You could be paid a fee or receive a portion of any revenue generation from traffic that reads your post.
  • Many micro jobs only pay a few cents, so it’s important to work quickly. It’s possible to earn as much as $25/hour even with these small jobs.
  • Be sure to check the payment details. Some pay weekly while others pay monthly. In most cases, you must reach a payment threshold before you can collect your money.
  1. Become a blogger. Half the world is trying to make money at blogging, and many people are actually successful. There is nearly unlimited potential, and it’s easy to get started. A free account and Google Adsense can get you started without any money coming out of your pocket.
    • The only real challenge is bringing enough people to your blog.
    • Half the battle is writing well enough to keep people coming back. Covering an interesting topic helps, but you must also develop some writing skills.
    • The other half of the battle is marketing. If 10% of the people that find your site love it, it’s just a matter of getting enough eyeballs to your website.
    • Unless you can write like Hemmingway or have a life that rivals the excitement of James Bond’s escapades, writing exclusively about your own life is a challenging blog topic. Find something that interests you that will also appeal to a wide audience.
  1. Be a mock juror. There are websites that provide mock juries to attorneys. Attorneys can test their case and see what type of outcome and issues they can expect. Instead of using a mere 12 jurors, these mock juries consist of 50+ people. The attorneys receive a lot of valuable feedback, and you receive a paycheck.
    • A couple of these websites include and Your review of the case will be online from the comfort of your home.
    • In most cases, the pay varies from $5 to $60 for 20-60 minutes of work. Some websites pay more than others, so look around. A few companies require you to attend in-person. It can take all day, but the pay increases to $150.
    • In most cases, the only requirements are the same as those for being a “real” juror. If you’re over 18 years of age and a US citizen, you’re probably eligible.
    • Some companies pay via check while others only use PayPal. Be sure that the payment method will work for you.
  1. Monetize your hobby. Whether you collect baseball cards, create crafts, write romance novels, or like to fly kites, there’s likely a way you can turn your hobby into a second income.
    • Sell your items or related items. If your hobby includes building or creating something, sell your own product. If you love golf, you could sell golf clothing, golf balls, or golf calendars. You could even sell golf vacation packages.
    • Sell services. You could act as a consultant and provide your advice and expertise to others. You could also sell the services of others for a commission.
    • Use local classifieds for free, take advantage of online marketplaces, or set up your own website. It’s easy and free when you use the WordPress software from All you need is hosting.
  1. Become a peer-to-peer lender. It’s possible to lend your money on one of the peer-to-peer lending websites, like,, and many more. The average return is quite good, and the risks can be small.
    • Some websites distribute your loan to multiple borrowers. If one person defaults, it has very little impact on your loan.
    • Other websites will allow you to choose a single person or company to loan your money to. It’s riskier, but the returns can average over 20% versus the 8% in the previous example.
    • Different companies have different requirements. Additionally, some prefer the loans to be business related, while others are open to nearly anyone. Borrowers are typically well screened.
  1. Try your hand at affiliate marketing. If you don’t have your own product or service to sell, don’t fret. There are thousands and thousands of companies that will pay you a commission for selling their product.
    • and are two of the more popular platforms for finding electronic products to sell. These sites provide sales pages with your own unique tracking ID. Just get people to the sales page and you’ll be credited with any sales from that traffic. Some affiliate programs pay 100%. A more typical commission is 50-65%
    • has an affiliate program and will reward you for selling nearly anything from books to televisions. Electronic products tend to have much higher commissions, though.
    • There are many affiliate programs available online. Take a look at the bottom of many websites and you’ll find an affiliate button. All you need to do is sign up.
  1. Flip websites. You’ve heard of flipping houses. This is the same idea, only with websites. Many website owners are looking to sell their websites. These websites can be purchased and ‘flipped’ to another buyer. Or you can build your own website to sell.
    • The most popular platform for this activity is
    • As a general rule, websites sell for around 12 times their monthly income. Traffic is also important. If you can show that you’re getting decent traffic, someone is likely to believe they can monetize that traffic.

There are many ways to earn money with your computer. These are just seven diverse examples. There are many other opportunities, like freelancing, writing Kindle books, paid blog commenting, and installing Word Press themes.

Think about the things you can do better than the average person. This is usually a great starting point. Even if you’re lacking in skills, there’s still work available.

Work that is easy to find will usually pay less. Be willing to spend the time to dig around. A little work upfront can greatly increase your pay rate.

Use your computer to boost your income. You never know what you can do until you try.

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