Court Researcher Jobs: 8 Companies That Actually Pay in 2020

Court Researcher Jobs: 8 Companies That Actually Pay in 2020

If you’ve always wanted to be involved in the legal sector somehow but still be able to work from home, consider becoming a court researcher. Court researchers typically research and collect legal documents from public court records.

You can work from home most of the time but you may need to travel to the courthouse to obtain specific documents. Expect to earn anywhere from $10 to $14 per hour as a home-based court researcher. Here are 8 companies to consider for court researcher jobs.

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First National Acceptance Company

First National Acceptance Company is always looking to add to its network of courthouse researchers. It’s preferred that applicants already work in a courthouse and be familiar with the courthouse researching process. The position is part-time and starts at $12.00 per hour. First National Acceptance Company only collects a small amount of information and isn’t too detailed. 

Sentinel Data Retrieval

Sentinel Data Retrieval LLC is also an option for courthouse researchers to get into the field. The company’s online portal allows researchers to receive and submit work easily. If team members do need help, there is an in-house team that can address any issues. Applicants can apply through their online application. Applications are pretty straight forward and a member of the management team is responsible for following up with applicants. 

Omni Data Retrieval

Omni is all about giving screening companies requested criminal history information from the county, state, international, and federal levels. As a court researcher, you’d be expected to locate simple information like case numbers, offenses, charges, relevant dates, and other important information of the person charged. 

JBS Court Research Services

JBS Court Research Services needs court researchers to join the team – even if it’s only helping with one county.  It’s preferable that workers can help with more than one county, but not required. The job comes for flexible hours and researchers work when its best for them.

You’ll only have to collect details that fit the criteria. The company will understand if you are scheduled for a court visit but can’t make it because of weather or a local emergency just communicate with them. 

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Deed Collector

Independent courthouse researchers for Deed Collector collect data from mortgage documents. The documents are typically filed after a home is purchased or equity line pf credit is received. No experience is necessary and the company will train new employees.

You will have to physically go to a courthouse for the job. How much you go will depend on the country that you live in. The information you collect has to be as accurate as possible, payments are made by direct deposit. Researchers will just need a computer and reliable vehicle to get them to and from the courthouse. 

IT- Boss Research 

IT-Boss Research also requires researchers to travel into the courthouse to track down certain documents. The types of assignments you’ll be put on depends on the client you’re researching for. Some common assignments researchers deal with involve marriages, bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, and more. Data is typically entered into an Excel type document. Some courthouses don’t allow computers into court, so you may have to handwrite the information temporarily and transfer the data to the computer once you get back home.

Find an Heir

Another option for court researcher jobs is Find an Heir. You’ll be tasked with attending probate cases where heirs or their addresses are not known. Both full and part-time hours are available. Your goal is to find out if heirs are missing or unknown. Researchers are paid a “finders fee” for being the first to bring some new information to them. Agents might also need to collect obituaries or marriage records from the library. You can apply to join the team through their website. 

Advanced Background Check

Advanced Background Check has the ability to get the most accurate up to date search on an individual anywhere in the nation. Agents will be searching at computer terminals, index cards, and index cards. Some states don’t allow public access and court clerks have to be the ones who do the search. Searches typically go back at least 7 years. Can often request 10 years. 

Final Thoughts on Court Researcher Jobs

Any of these court researcher jobs would be a great option if you’re looking to start a career in this field. Some positions are part-time so this could also be a nice side hustle. If you’re good at researching online and wouldn’t mind looking through public records and helping others, this could be a work from home job that you really enjoy.

The pay is not the best but it’s better than minimum wage in most states and it’s a way to get your foot into the door.

Would you ever consider a work-from-home court researcher job?

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If you've always wanted to be involved in the legal field but still be able to work from home, consider becoming a court researcher.

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