Jungle Art Personalized Book Labels Printable For Boys

Jungle Art Personalized Book Labels Printable For Boys

These jungle art personalized book labels are SUPER ADORABLE!!!!

Let’s set the stage for a moment…

You are putting mascara on, trying to get through the school drop-off line, get the kid’s shoes on and get them out of the car and into school on time! Whew.

Your kids have both decided that green is their new favorite color, so they both had to have green backpacks. What happens? You accidentally hand them the wrong backpacks! Noooo 🙁

GOOD NEWS! I have the perfect solution for you!!

Jungle Animals Art - Book Labels Personalized Printable For Boys

Jungle Animals Art – Personalized Book Labels Printable For Boys

These jungle animal-inspired tags are so cool, your little guys (or girls too!) are sure to love them. The colors and animal designs were specifically chosen to resonate with your kiddos!

These can be used on SO many things – backpacks, binders, books, etc., and even used for a fun game (I’ll explain at the bottom of this post). 🙂

No more mislabeled, or even unlabeled items for your kids’ things! Maybe you haven’t switched up folders like in the scenario above, but with their school folders or binders instead! These free printable tags provide a super simple solution to your labeling/organizational needs.

And just in case your son is like mine, who seems to lose everything, labeling books and items, makes things so much easier when he goes down to the lost and found for the THIRD, yes, THIRD, time this week. 😛 

Jungle Art - Personalized Book Labels Printable For Boys

Download the jungle art – personalized book labels printable for boys here.

Fun Ways To Use These Book Labels:

Think these can only be used on book bags? Think again! Here are a few ways to use these jungle animals book label template designs

Tag Your Kids’ School Supplies

First and foremost, these are PERFECT for school supplies. Just print out the tags (you can even laminate if you want to), and attach to their things. Here are some examples of what kind of school items you can add these tags to:

  • Backpacks – most school bags have a little insert you can slide one of these tags into easily! If not, laminate the tag, hole-punch it and attach to backpack handle with a carabiner
  • Binders – place this label into the front of their binders OR in the back. 
  • Folders – Attach this to the top/bottom right corner of their folders. Use clear packing tape to tape over the top of this label or glue the back and it will stay on. 🙂
  • Textbooks – Most school books have to get returned at the end of the year, so a temporary solution for labeling would be to use as a bookmark in the book!

Use As Bookmarks/Book Labels

Like I mentioned above, most school textbooks can’t be permanently labeled, so these make great bookmarks for those.

BUT these can also be used as cool, fun bookmarks for whatever book your child is reading! If the book ever gets lost too, it’ll have their name in it to help get it back to you. 🙂

You can use that same clear packing tape and tape these printable book labels into the inside cover of each of your kids’ books. Include your last name and phone number – this can prevent forever-lost books, especially when bringing them outside the home!

Make A Fun Game 

You all know my love for games! You can make virtually any of these printables into a fun game for your kids to enjoy. 

You only need these printables, a non-see-through bag (think bookbag or Aldi grocery bag), and some scissors.

First, cut out each tag and place them all in the bags. Shuffle them around and take turns drawing different animals…act them out and try to guess what animal it is! It’s super easy and now you’ve got a FUN new game for the whole family! You can even turn them over and write new animals to get once you’ve finished them all. 🙂

Here are super cute personalized book labels for free! These jungle animals book template tag labels are perfect design printables for kids at school, especially for boys, but for girls too! It's a fun way for their books to be personalized, just pick their favorite animals in the selection and write their name on the blank space! #kindergarten #ideas

These printables are for personal use only. You may not alter them or redistribute them for monetary gain without written consent from the author, Sarah Titus.

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