Why a Work from Home Job will always beat a regular Job!

I start of the day with a relaxing breakfast with my wife and two year old son, I take a look at the clock and discover that I don’t have to hurry to go to work since I only have to walk up the stairs to go to my office, this is at 07:50. Then at 08:00 I go to my office and turn on my old faith full computer since I work from home. There is a good chance that you on the other hand, have already been annoying yourself in traffic on the way to work and probably at this moment are trying to calm down again.

Once my computer is warmed up, I check my e-mails, see if there is anything urgent which I need to deal with straight away and after I have done that I continue planning the rest of the day. Obviously I have a strict set schedule anyway, since that’s something very important as your own boss, but there are always things which you want to try out or want to read up on.

Now for me, the best part of the day has arrived, I check out what kind of money I have earned the previous day, and yes, my work from home job has been paying of again, my wages have been going up once more. I bet you wouldn’t mind work based from home, where you can completely influence the amount of money you earn.

At 10:00 it is time to drink a coffee with my wife and fool around with my little boy for a while. At 10:20 I start writing two articles which takes me till 11:30. After I have written these articles I submit them to several directories and ezines using a program which does most of the work for me.

Time flies when you enjoy yourself, I lost track of time but luckily my wife reminds me that it is lunch time. After I had lunch with my wife I take the time to bring my son to bed. This I can assure you is one of the most valuable rewards when you have a work from home job like I do, the fact that I can actually see the smile on my boys face during the day instead of perhaps being lucky enough to just see him before he goes to bed.

In the afternoon I build a few more pages to one of my web sites to make more money working at home, perhaps I feel like building a new one, which in a few months time will start bringing in money as well, do some research as where to improve my earning capabilities and in the mean time I double check to see if all my on line home businesses still function properly.

Then at 17:00 I go downstairs, have supper with my little family and play with my son and wife. I certainly shouldn’t forget to give my wife the attention she deserves. At 19:00 I am lucky enough to bring my little boy to bed once again.

Now, if you compare your stressful day at work, with colleagues you might not even like, loosing time commuting and probably coming home late, don’t you agree that I might just have the best work from home job there is? There are lot’s of opportunities out there, just make the choice to invest in yourself. Believe meFind Article, it will be worth it.”

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars”