Work at Home Scams

Envelope Stuffing -It seems like the envelope stuffing scheme has been around forever. The advertisements will tell you that you can earn $5 to $10 per envelope that you stuff. Some tell you that you can earn thousands of weeks for just a small fee. When you send in your fee you usually get a letter telling you how to place the same ads in the paper and online that you answered. So now you are out your fee.

There are legitimate envelope stuffing businesses. They are called Direct Mail businesses. These companies put together postcards, coupon envelopes, catalog, and business mailings for companies. This is a legitimate business you can start out of your home.

Assembly Jobs – First, it is important to realize that there really are legitimate work at home crafting jobs. They are just buried out there beneath all the scams. Assembly work at home scams will advertise large amounts of money for putting together simple crafts. Usually the amount of money promised sounds too good to be true for putting together bracelets, beads or other craft items. What usually happens is that you put together the craft, send it back for approval, and you are told it is not up to standard. So now you are out your initial fee.

The difference between these legitimate jobs and the work at home scams is that the company will usually offer you feedback and allow you to fix the problem. They will also have customer support, use quality suppliesFind Article, and even have money back guarantees. The business will usually have been in operation for a long time and have an established operating history.

Pyramid Schemes – Remember those chain letters that told you to put money in an envelope and send it to the person at the top if the list then add your name to the bottom. The idea was that you would end up at the top of the list and make thousands of dollars? Well the days of such blatant pyramid schemes are over. Today these work at home scams are artfully disguised as MLM or network marketing opportunities. The problem is that they give a bad name to legitimate MLM businesses.

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