Home based Business – Earn via Article writing Jobs

Home based Business – Earn via Article writing Jobs

Online jobs are thriving nowadays. Online workers are happy with the setup of working at home. It is very convenient for them. They do not have to commute and struggle with traffic.

Online jobs are thriving nowadays.  Online workers are happy with the setup of working at home. It is very convenient for them.  They do not have to commute and struggle with traffic. They do not have to worry about what clothes or dress to wear and they could work long hours at the convenience of their own rooms.  Copywriting is one among many online jobs available.

 If you are the type of person who loves telling stories to your friends, likes reading a variety of books, magazines, and other reading materials and if you have good writing skills, then you may be a good candidate for copywriting.  Copywriting projects can pay from 1 dollar to 3 dollars for an article of 400 to 500 words.  Article writers can do 3 to 10 articles for a day.  It really depends on their knowledge of the subject or required “keywords” that the employer specifies. 

Keywords are words that the writer should include in the article; the employer also specifies how often it is used. Short articles are also available it is between 80 to 100 words only.  If in case you are not familiar with the topic, you are free to research on it. Browse articles with the same topic, but never copy it.  Just get helpful ideas. Copying would mean plagiarism.  According to dictionaries, when someone claims other people’s ideas, plots, text and other intellectual property as his own original work, that is plagiarism.  Of course, you can research topics online.  Do not stop after finding one or two articles about a certain topic. 

The more articles you could find the broader and deeper understanding you would have about the topic.  Most writers I know really spend a lot of time reading.  They read about a variety of subjects even if it does not interest them.  They recognized that time would come when they will encounter such topics in future projects and they would be ready for it.  There are also copywriting jobs, which involves writing about specific products.  Writers would have to write about the advantages or disadvantages of using these products. 

The purpose for writing such articles is to help buyers of that product decide before actually buying it.  It is usually called product review or buyer guides.  It requires that you have knowledge of the product. Best if you own one.  Almost any product has product reviews.  Products like television, DVD players and other electronic appliances, health products, etc.  Product reviews are also available for movies and books. Project owners give prescribed formats to guide the writers.  Another type of article writing project does not require keywords.  They just give you general subjects.  Examples of these are gardening, yoga, dogs, cats, housekeeping, etc.  Anything you could think of.

 Does copywriting appeal to you? It does for millions of people all over the world.  If you have, the desire to write and you need a little cash.  Work online, at home, many more ideas are waiting for writers to make articles about themArticle Submission, you are most welcome.