Disney Cars Children’s Room Plastic Canvas Wall Hanging Pattern

Disney Cars Children’s Room Plastic Canvas Wall Hanging Pattern

Another Disney favorite to show you today! How many of your kids were obsessed with the movie Cars?? It was such a fun and cute movie, and Disney even made Cars 2 and Cars 3! When you think of the movie Cars, chances are the name Lightning McQueen comes to your mind. He was the inspiration for this awesome Disney Cars plastic canvas wall hanging pattern. 🙂

Disney Cars Children's Room Plastic Canvas Wall Hanging Pattern

I absolutely love making plastic canvas wall hangings. Whoever thought that taking a sheet of plastic and creating something really cool from it would be so awesome?! These are especially great for kids’ rooms and activities.

You’ll just need some plastic canvas and yarn to make these. I love this brand of plastic here! Simply loop a piece of yarn on the back once you are done and hang it on the wall for all to see. 

Here’s a couple of other fun ways to use this Cars Plastic Canvas Wall Hanging:

  • Birthday party gifts/decor – this would be great not only to bring as a fun birthday gift to kids’ birthday parties, but you can also use it to decorate for your own child’s party. Super easy and will look great!
  • Redecorate kids’ rooms on a budget – this would make a great addition to your kids’ bedroom. Just simply hang it up on their wall, add a couple of Cars throw pillows on their bed and they have a whole”new” room. And you still have money in your wallet. 😉 Plus, when they change their interests in a couple of years, you can easily switch out the decor for something else.
  • Start a new hobby – instead of spending time watching TV or scrolling Facebook, start a new hobby making plastic canvas wall hangings! You can focus your thoughts and there are endless possibilities of what you can create and how you can use them.

Disney Cars Children’s Room Decor Plastic Canvas Wall Hanging Pattern

Disney Cars Plastic Canvas Pattern

Click here to access the Lightning McQueen plastic canvas pattern, then print. Enjoy!

Published at Wed, 21 Oct 2020 12:00:34 +0000