Cutest Panda Art Free Printable Stickers For Planners

Cutest Panda Art Free Printable Stickers For Planners

I have to admit, I LOVE stickers. Always have, always will.

As a kid I used to collect them. Everyone would give me their stickers and I just would love having and collecting all different kinds of them.

So as you can imagine, now that I create my own printables, I’m out there creating my own stickers as well. 🙂

I love having the power to create exactly what I WANT. Because so much of the time, the ones in the store are just so…not my style. 

And I get it too. Major brands have to appeal to MOST people. Well, I don’t like stuff that MOST people like. <–

I like UNIQUE stuff. Stuff that others don’t have. So my teen daughter and I create our own and have plenty fun with them too! 

Today I’ve created for you, these super cute panda planner free printable stickers! Lately I’ve been so obsessed with pandas. They are just seriously uber cute! Keep scrolling to get your set!!! <3

Cutest Panda Art Free Printable Stickers For Planners

Cutest Panda Art Free Printable Stickers For Planners

I love being able to create stylish, yet functional printables (such as this) for you all to use!

These planner stickers have an adorable panda-bear inspired design and includes 2 templates! You’ll be getting a border and heading style stickers, as well as a block shape that fits perfectly into small sections of your planners. 

How To Use In Your Planners

Let’s talk a little bit about how you can actually incorporate these free panda planner stickers kits into your everyday planners…

  • Create borders on blank pages
  • Fill in blank days and spots with the fun rectangle stickers
  • Use the smaller borders for headings and title spots
  • Mark important days, events, parties, etc. 

These work great for any type of planner you have: block style planners, homemade printable binder planners, and small purse planners. 🙂

Cutest Panda Art Free Printable Stickers For Planners

Download the panda planner stickers printable free here.

Cutest Panda Art Free Printable Stickers For Planners

Download the panda free printable stickers for planners here.

Other Fun Ways To Use These Panda Stickers:

Outside of day planner stickers, here are some other great ways to use these panda sticker printables!

Use These Sticker Templates To Decorate Binders

These would make great planner stickers for students to decorate their school binders (or for you to decorate your household binders)! 

Maybe you have a few binders sitting around, or your kids’ school binders could use some sprucing up? This is a great free and easy way to add a little cuteness to them!

You may also notice one whole page is dedicated to just borders and title areas! You could totally print this page out on non-sticker paper and add in the long borders as binder spine decor!

If you are like me and store ALL of your binders on shelves (see picture below), this definitely makes them look prettier than just a plain spine. 😉

Make Homemade Picture Frames

These would be so great to use to make homemade picture frames OR picture backgrounds!

All you need are some frames and whatever pictures you want to hang up. Use the borders to outline a blank piece of paper and tape the picture in the middle. Or stick a bunch of the rectangle panda stickers to cover the entire page and make a cute panda-bear collage!

This would look ESPECIALLY cute in a shadow picture box. 😉

Whether you are using these for your own planners and decor or giving as a gift to a friend, you are going to LOVE using these free adorable panda printable stickers. 🙂

These printables are for personal use only. You may not alter them or redistribute them for monetary gain without written consent from the author, Sarah Titus.

Published at Fri, 23 Oct 2020 12:00:18 +0000