Save Money On Your Next Laptop

Save Money On Your Next Laptop

Save Money On Your Next Laptop

I’ve had my laptop for over six years and it’s still serving me well, however when a new laptop comes on the market it does intrigue me. It’s the same with the latest smartphone you can’t help but look even though you only purchased yours a year ago. Whether you’re looking to buy a new laptop or just browsing at the new varieties we’ve got all you need to save money on your next laptop.

There are so many varieties of laptops on the market making it difficult to find the make that’s right for your needs, where to purchase it, and how to get the best deal.

Whether you may only need a slim, cheap laptop to work from home or a powerful machine with a big hard drive to manage your workload and company security here’s all you need to meet these requirements without spending a fortune and breaking the bank.

Budget models offer more than you expect

You may be thinking that purchasing a laptop will cost you an arm and a leg. In order to stop it from breaking or even slowing down. However, this is not the case. If you’re looking to send the bare minimum on a laptop there are many different options available to you.

Our main recommendation for a budget laptop would be the Chromebook Line. With its light sleek design, the cheapest Chromebook can be purchased for $179 and comes packed with 2GB of Ram. There are many different models of the Chromebook available. These are produced by other manufacturers such as Samsung, Acer, ASUS, and Howard Packard. You’ll notice that for a small budget machine there are reviews that are less than 4stars on which is amazing.

You’ll notice that a hard drive on most Chromebooks are pretty small. There tends to be as much storage as a basic smartphone as these machines are designed mainly for web browsing. If you don’t mind storing your data on a cloud, portable hard drive or another computer then you’ll be fine.

I personally think Chromebooks are great for internet browsing. This is because they are lightweight, reasonably priced, and start-up in literally five seconds. I’ve managed to grab mine and get the information I need within a few seconds. When you’re out and about using public WIFI searching for directions or sending off a short email it’s great. When at home I prefer to use a desktop as it’s easy to save documents and pictures on.

Not only will you find the Chromebook in this price range. You’ll also find that there are a number of other laptops such as the ASUS Vivobook, Dell Inspiration 100 300 series, and Lenovo idea pad. You can find other laptop brands within your budget by keeping an eye on

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The mid-range options

When looking for a new laptop I tend to look within the budget range. This is purely for the fact that I won’t be upset if I damage it and I also have a desktop at home making it useful mainly for web browsing. Even though I like to look for a budget laptop I sometimes venture for a machine that a little more in price. It’s more likely to last me longer (that’s if I don’t damage it!)

There are many varieties of laptops that if you pay a little more for will offer you more storage, power, and memory for a great price.

Mid-range laptops can range from anything between $600-$800. According to, the following models are worth looking into. The Dell Inspiron 15 7000, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, and the Lenovo Think Pad 13.

Another great way to grab yourself a barging is to look for high spec models when they have come down in Price for instance in the sale. The best time to look for these deals is when a new model has been released. The older model is bound to go down in price.

How to find laptops on sale

Not only will you find discounts on top laptops when the latest version comes out. There are also many other times of the year in which laptops are on sale. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and back to school months such as July to September are a number of times in which laptops are discounted. If you’re happy to wait and patient you can get many laptops heavily discounted around these times of the year. There are many places in which you can search for these sales. However, we recommend you search for reputable companies as they are more likely to have sales such as Best buy, Tigerdirect, and NewEgg. This is a great way to save money on your new laptop.

There may be times where you don’t have time to keep an eye out for laptop sales. This is not a problem as you can set up price alerts on your current PC or desktop. You can download web applications on your laptop or PC. These will alert you when a specific product you’ve been looking at has reduced in price and where it is available. Amazon price watch and CamelCamelCamel are amongst some of the most popular applications.

To save Enormously buy refurbished

You may associate buying refurbished laptops with eBay or Craigslist but that’s not the case. If you buy from these sites you have no guarantee the seller is honest and the product your purchasing is in working order or even legitimate and not stolen. You may end up spending more money than the money you want to save on your new laptop.

The best way to buy a refurbished laptop is from a manufacturer. This guarantees you have a working machine and that it has been refurbished ad restored by the manufactures own technicians. The laptop will also come with a guarantee. This way you know that you have protection against any faults that may occur.

Refurbished machines are a lot cheaper than brand new versions. You can normally pick up a high-end laptop for the price of a mid-range laptop. You’re also guaranteed that it will be in working order if purchased from a manufacturer.

A great example of refurbished laptops is with Apple. If you’re an Apple fan and looking to save some money on an Apple product . You can head over to Apples Refurbished site where almost all laptops are 15% off. This is great as Apple will hardly or never reduce new full-priced products.

In Conclusion

There may be times where you see a commercial for a new product and wonder if you’re product is up to scratch. A good example of this would be for a new car. I’ve seen commercials for SUVs that have 7 seats and a large boot space. I then think to myself I have one daughter and no husband do I really need 7 seats?.

The same should apply when your searching for a new laptop. There are many reasonable options of laptops out there that have enough power for the average working customer. Unless you plan to run a number of programs or play games on your laptop you should be fine.

Remember to get the best price and save money on your new laptop keep an eye out for refurbished options and seasonal sales as you can really bag yourself a bargain!

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