Legitimate Work From Home – How To Look For The Top 4 Choices For A Career

More people are choosing to do legitimate work from home career in addition to, or instead of traveling to a distant job daily. You can decide to take advantage of the increasing range of possibilities for at home work or businesses ventures.

Although not every type of job opportunity can be done at home, you can find dozens, even hundreds of legitimate work from home career opportunities to choose from.  Even jobs that formerly could only be done using specialized equipment and facilities have successfully made the transition back to the home based business.  However, it is also true, that some of the more obvious choices for such work have always been done at home as well as in a more formal setting. Here are just a few of the top work opportunities for those who prefer to garner their income from their home. 

Child Care

Child care is a type of legitimate work from home  that is great for some individuals, particularly if you have small children yourself and enjoy having the bustle and responsibility of children in your home.  The money is good, especially if you provide any type of meals, classes or structured activities. The down side is that you must be available during the typical working hours and must deal with the responsibility with little or no ability to have free time to do things just for yourself.  In some jurisdictions, child care providers must register and pass routine background screening.

Writing and Editing

There are many legitimate work from home career opportunities that involve writing and editing jobs.  More and more of these opportunities are freelance positions where the worker is in charge of the work that is accepted, the quality and time standards maintained, and the amount of money that will be paid upon completion of the project. Writing projects vary from preparing copy for internet pages, writing articles and submitting them to article directories, writing project descriptions and other interesting, informative and definitely challenging projects. When you are writing about new subjects, you have the opportunity to learn, right along with the readers.


Another popular legitimate work from home career opportunity is transcribing audio or video files into written material so that it can be marketed in other ways.  For example, not everyone can be available to listen to the full text of a teleseminar. If the presentation is transcribed and made available to interested parties either as part of the benefits of the seminar or in the form of an e-book, the presenter will enjoy a much more loyal and dedicated fan base. Equipment needed for this type of work is very basic since you can listen to audio files on your computer and transmit the completed transcripts digitally.


Bookkeeping services have long been a legitimate work from home career opportunity for those who like this type of detail oriented work.  Tasks often performed by such home businesses may include setting up business record keeping systems, tracking income tax, sales tax and other governmental report data and preparing and submitting the necessary reports. Another popular task for small bookkeeping businesses is preparing employee payroll duties. You will need training in correct procedures before starting this type of workFind Article, either through job experience or through formal education.