Online Jobs – Working from Home to make money online

Online Jobs – Working from Home to make money online

About Online Jobs

The initiation of the Internet has created thousands of opportunities in many fields, especially freelancing. Many websites have become gold mines for digging out

About Online Jobs

The initiation of the Internet has created thousands of opportunities in many fields, especially freelancing. Many websites have become gold mines for digging out software development projects to freelancers at rates regarded as cheap by Western standards. They provide a suitable medium for job requests, rating and assessing potential buyers and sellers by documenting their history, and a security system to protect the freelancers from fraud and similar problems between the coder and the buyer (hirer) during any disagreement.

By working from home just 15-20 hours per week you can easily make more than $2000 each month. The various jobs available in this field are mostly copywriting, data entry etc.

Online freelancing is the best option for homemakers who would like to earn a good income by working from home. Students, IT professionals, retired people and anyone else with basic computer knowledge who would like a side income can also apply. 

Being a Freelancer

Being a freelancer is different from being employed.  A freelancer works for somebody else for a fixed period under a fixed contract to help them complete a project. You will effectively be able to sell your skills and utilize your time efficiently.


You are your own boss. This is very satisfying experience.Higher Salary. Freelancers are usually paid more than employees.Freelancers mostly can choose where and when to work. This freedom is not given to employees.Experience. Working with different contracts and companies provides variety and also an impressive CV.Less Tax. Freelancers can reduce the tax they pay by using professional advice.

Demand for Freelancers

Some of the reasons why freelancers are in greater demand are:They save money. They don’t have to be paid for sick leave, vacations, insurance or allowance like permanent employees.They can be hired and fired easily. They do not have a long term commitment or contract.They have more variety of skills.They work for regular tasks that do not require an employee.There are hassles like office politics or promotion and appraisals etc. The freelancers are only given ratings.

How to Join

It is ABSOLUTELY FREE to join in these sites. They require NO INVESTMENT other than that of time. By spending a few hours browsing listed projects in the beginning, one can easily find suitable projects to begin with.

As a matter of fact, it is a little difficult to get your first job. Don’t worry.  Register yourself first. Fill in your profile well enough to impress the employers.

The First Job

If you are not an IT professional, I believe that data entry and copywriting jobs are best for you. Browse the project list by clicking on the options available. The newest projects will be listed first. The projects are assigned in a reverse auction manner. As you are new, place the lowest bid. Yes the LOWEST bid.

In a reverse auction, sellers compete to obtain business. The service buyers will certainly opt for those ready to work for less money. Eventually, when you get some good ratings, you can bid for more. Getting a project for high rates when you don’t have a rating is difficult. Therefore, place the lowest bid.

Next, go back to the project description page and search for a small icon called PM (Private Message). Click on it. This will open a message box. This message can only be viewed by the person who has created the project. In your message tell him that you are new but you can do an excellent job. You may also say that you will do it for the lowest price that he will pay for the project. Send the PM, wait for the reply, if there is a reply (sent to your account), then, there is a good chance of wining that project. Your Online Jobs career will start when you win your first project. PMs are a key factor in the success of your online job. Do not forget to send PMs to the project creators you want to work for.

Act according to the reply send by the project creator.

Premium Membership

Some sites give a limited number of bids for free membership. Every month, a free member has to pay a certain percentage, example 5% of his/her salary to the website. No such extra charges are to be paid by a premium member. A premium member should pay only a minimal amount to the website per month. So, after your first job, it is better that you become a premium member. You can then place unlimited number of bids. This increases your opportunities on a large scale.

Contact Information

NEVER send your contact information, that is, email, phone number etc, via PM. If you do so, your account will be deleted permanently. This will be the end of your online jobs career.

How to Select a Project

Always search for projects on the main page. Catch hold of the newest projects and be the first to respond. Getting a job from old projects is difficult.

Salary Transfer

You can use Money Bookers or Western Union Money Transfer to transfer money to your bank account. Western Union Money Transfer is too costly. Money Bookers charges less and is safe. Western Union drains more than 30% of your salary.

Step 1 After creating an account at Money Bookers, you will receive money with just one click. You need to verify your postal address too. Go to your Profile and click on your address to verify it. For this, it will then send a letter to your postal address which will contain a code. You should then enter this code in your account and it will verify your account. Now you can start using your Money Bookers account for online money transactions. After you create an account at money bookers, is that you have to enter your bank account information in your profile. Step 2You will need to have an account in a bank which is directly connected to SWIFT Network. The easiest way to find out whether your bank is connected to SWIFT or not is that you call your Bank and ask them to give you the bank’s Swift Code. If they have a SWIFT code, then go to your Money Bookers account and try to enter your bank account information. If it fails to accept your bank account information, then it means that your bank is indirectly connected to SWIFT network, which is not good for your online career. So now what you need to do is that you go to and try to search the bank in your city, that is directly connected to SWIFT and which is nearest to where you live. Then you go to that bank and create a new account there and then enter it in your profile at Money Bookers.Money Bookers has made it easier for freelancer doing home – based online jobs to receive money safely online. Step 3Request the freelancing site to transfer money to your Money Bookers account. After you receive the money in your Money Bookers account, you then request Money Bookers to send money to your bank account. After few days, you will finally receive your money in your bank account. 

A Successful Freelancer

Has a vision, a plan of what he/she wants to be. Feels comfortable in helping or guiding others without criticizing themFeels happy to direct and advise clients, and communicate with them.Is sure of his/her decisions. Ensures that important tasks are done at the right time in the right way. Has initiative, the ability to do something on your own without other’s help.Has been used to doing all things alone/ with less help.Has the patience to go browsing different sites, working with a variety of tools, and experiencing different working conditions.Communicates with othersCan easily build a network of good business relationships.Has the ability to understand if his/her knowledge is wanted or not.Is aware of different opportunities available from a client and is alert.Looks for work instead of letting other agents contact him/her.A good reputation.Will have database of clients both old and new.Will keep potential clients updated with account information when it changes. Goal Setting to Help you grow

Ask yourself:What do you want to achieve?What about your character? Can you overcome failure? Are you happy doing this job? Do you have good interpersonal skills?How do you overcome failure? Does it depress you too much? Are you optimistic?  Can you communicate well, at least in a pleasant way?Are you willing to have a planned schedule? Can you handle stress?How much can you invest in money and time?  This includes how many hours of work per week and also the fact that if you would like to become a premium member or not. You may/may not opt for offers and challenges/risks.What are your other objectives?What more do you like to achieve than monetary benefit?Do you have a support network? Not necessary, but it’s good to have one.Do your family members support you for this? Do you have a social network of similar freelancers? Can you do with or without these?New Ideas, Advice and Reform

Are you open to all of these?You should be. You can find them anywhere. You can get professional advice. But they needn’t stay on for long. You can always make changes. Stress managementBusiness Management Articles, interpersonal skills and investment are some of the topics you can take advice.