Top Tips for Work from Home Moms

Work from home moms face a number of challenges. It can be a tough balancing act. Practical expert advice for moms who work from home.

Life for work from home moms can be a tough balancing act. Although working from home is the best life it is a skill that needs to be learned. Here are some top tips from the experts on how to make sure a home business works for you.

Create Your Own Work Space

You need a definite space of your own for your home business. You want to like your space and shape it to your personal needs. If you don’t like where you work you won’t work well. Consider lighting, ventilation, noise and sounds, storage and organization. It is obviously preferable to have your own room in the house but if this is not possible try to clearly delineate your work space with dividers or screens. You will need a phone of your own. Relying on a home phone means that your enthusiastic four year old may be answering your business calls!

Make a Deal with Your Family

The most powerful time management tool for work from home moms is a door that closes! Family life and all its wonderful chaos needs to be kept outside of your home business. Family often think that working from home gives them license to interrupt or demand your attention at any time. Set specific times when you take a break and deal with your family. Establish  a pattern that works for you and your business. Be strict about sticking to these times and your family will get used to this routine.

Organize social time for yourself

Many people find they miss the social interaction of working for a company or organization when they start working from home. Avoid feeling isolated or lonely by organizing specific social time with friends. Schedule lunch or coffee with friends at regular intervals through your week so you have something to look forward to. It is much easier to settle down and work for five hours if you know that when you finish you will be meeting with friends to have some downtime. You can also establish a network of other work from home moms and organize social meetings which can be both fun and informative.

Work out How to Motivate Yourself

You need to know how to motivate yourself – nobody else is there to do it for you. On your own you are only as good as what you produce. So how do you keep yourself enthusiastic about your work and make sure you keep producing even when you feel like turning on the television or reading a good book? Remind yourself why you are working from home – the convenience, the flexibility, the fact that the harder you work the greater the rewards for you and that you are in charge. If you don’t sit down and start working right away you may well end up back on the corporate treadmill! Take your laptop outside and sit in the sun for a whilePsychology Articles, reinforce why you are working from home! Another way to get motivated is to write down you goals for that day. Be very specific and make sure you can easily measure your goal. Reward yourself when you reach those targets.

Work from home moms enjoy many advantages. Properly managing any disadvantages gives your home business the opportunity to be both successful and fulfilling.

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