Build Your Work From Home Online Business With Zero Cost?

Many online entrepreneurs have given up on their work from home online business after finding themselves spending too much money in marketing and promotion. Is this absolutely necessary? In this article you will find proven and effective ways to market your online businesses with zero cost.

One of the ways I live by is writing and distributing articles. Write quality articles on your niche and distribute them to free article directories. I would strongly recommend Goarticles, Ideamarketers and Ezinearticles for this purpose. This is an effective way of creating backlinks to your website thus, pushing your website up the search engine ranking. The next marketing tactic is mainly meant for product owners.

That is, striking joint venture deals with other product owners in the same work from home online business niche. Clickbank is the first place you should be looking potential joint venture partners for. You will find hundreds of product owners in their market place. Then, start writng them joint venture proposal emails. Having a mailing list of your own here is an advantage in initiating cross promotions.

The secret to a successful joint venture is to first get to know your target by subscribing to his newsletter. Read the newsletters and get an idea what kind of a person he is and the products that he promotes. After about two weeks, send him a joint venture proposition. Introduce yourself as his subscriber and how you enjoy reading his newsletters and that you have a product or service that you think would benefit both your businesses and suggest a JV.

Another form of no cost promotion tactic I simply can’t live without is viral marketing. It has always been known as the online “word of mouth” marketing. All you need to do here is create ebooks to be distributed in pdf files. You can do this by using OpenOffice’s free word processing software. Include links to your website or products you are affiliated to in the ebook. Also include distribution rights to it. Why? The more times your ebook is being passed around the more exposure your business gets. Think about it. Can you see the power of viral marketing.

With the marketing tactics above, you don’t have to spend anything to market your work from home online business. Having said that, you definitely can speed up the response to your promotional efforts with the paid options howeverPsychology Articles, you can always do that after you have made the money.