The Many Jobs Around Your Home that can Benefit from Pressure Washing


Sometimes a hose and soapy water just doesn’t cut it. For big messes and
thick grime, you are much better using pressure washing than elbow
grease. Many people have had moments (usually after getting on their
hands and knees, scrubbing dirt with a toothbrush) where they realize
just how handy a high-powered cleaning device can be. While not everyone
can benefit from professional pressure washing, there are many jobs
even just around the house that can be done in half the time and with
better results using this method. Whether you are thinking of renting or
buying a pressure washing machine, here are some common ways they can
be used every day.
We’re not just talking the family car, here. Take your filthy boat that
has been docked because, well, it’s filthy. Or maybe you’ve got a
motorcycle or dirt bike that has seen better days. Perhaps you’re a
regular off road driver and are getting sick and tired of dried mud
coating your tires. Whatever the transport, a pressure washing machine
can blast away the crud faster than your kids can complain about having
to wash the car. Not only will the job be done in a fraction of the time
that it would take you to scrub it down by hand, but you’ll save on
professional washes, get dirt out of the tiniest cracks, and enjoy doing
it. You’ll probably argue with the kids over whose turn it is to clean
the truck.
Outdoor Furniture and Decks
You know that hammock or chair that used to be fantastic but no one will
dare sit in anymore? That’s because it is probably chock full of
spiders and other nasty critters that no one wants cozying up next to
them. Take a high-powered pressure washing hose though and zap those
insects and mold away. No more sweeping the deck just to have it covered
in leaves again. Your family will want to go outdoors more and you’ll
have a good reason for outdoor barbecues and entertaining again.
Does your house look a bit grimy or aged compared with the others on the
block? Rather than a paint job, consider hosing down the dirty walls so
you can actually see the proper coloring. You can get into those hard
to reach places and give your home a cheap and efficient makeover with
much less effort than having to repaint the entire thing. Use caution,
however, because too strong of a setting can blast the paint right off
if it is chipping.
Sidewalk and Garden
Want to give your garden or home more curb appeal? Pressure washing is a
great way to clean up dirt that has overflowed onto the sidewalk or
concrete, and it can help you hedge the edges of your lawn by quickly
tidying up the grass. You can also use it to clean out your lawnmower
safely and efficiently without worrying about having to get near the
blades. It’s also a fast way to blast those pesky fall leaves out of
your gutter to keep the drains clear.

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