The Benefits of Owning a Fountain


Whether at work or at home, its seems like everyone is a little
stressed these days.  We all need a way to relax while we are at work
or wind down once we get home.  Water fountains are a great, economical
way to spruce up any home or office while creating a serene and
comforting environment.  Stress can cause a variety of health
issues including headaches, high blood pressure, and insomnia and over
75% of people suffer from stress.  The sound of soft running water is
proven to help reduce stress and increase relaxation making a table top fountain
the perfect addition to any office.  The sound of water also helps
drown out other back ground noises and distractions making it easier
for you to focus and allowing you to get more work done.In
addition to their health benefits, indoor fountains can also help
improve the air.  They help increase the air humidity and can often
times replace loud, expensive humidifiers.  Water is also a natural
magnet for dust, pollen and allergens and acts as a purifier helping
decrease air borne allergens.  Regular humidifiers can also get mold
and mildew build up quickly where as a
fountain with moving water will not do this. An indoor fountain can
also help your plants by adding extra humidity that is lost when
heat or air conditioning units are running.A fountain
can easily add beauty to any room, office or landscape. 
Indoor fountains can act as accents or center pieces to add personality
and aesthetics to any space while outdoor fountains make landscapes
relaxing and can attract local birds and wildlife to your garden. No
matter what type of fountain you decide on, you are sure to reap the
benefits of its calming nature. Source: Free Articles from