Fun Fruit Valentine’s Day Cards Printable Free

Fun Fruit Valentine’s Day Cards Printable Free

Roses are red, violets are blue, have I got a SWEET surprise for you! 🙂

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve got you covered with this free fun fruit Valentine’s Day cards printable

Fun Fruit Valentine's Day Cards Printable Free

Fun Fruit Valentine’s Day Cards Printable Free

I absolutely LOVE using cute fruit graphics when designing printables! They are so adorable, making them perfect for younger kids but also for adults too. 

These cute cards feature bright, fun colors and the cutest “fruit puns!” I am all about a good pun, and these are the best. “You’re the pineapple of my eye”, and, “I think you’re berry sweet”, are just a couple of my favorites! 😉

They are really going to amp up your holiday this year and have SO many different uses even outside of Valentine’s Day! Give them to your kids, their classmates, leave them as cute notes for your kids or husband, and so much more!!

Fun Fruit Valentine's Day Cards Printable Free

Download the fun fruit Valentine’s day cards printable free here.

Fun Ways To Use These Printable Valentines Day Cards:

There are so many great & fun ways to use these cards! Here are a few suggestions…

Use These Printable Valentines Day Cards For School Classmates

These are fantastic to use for your kids’ school valentines!

They are free and can be printed as many times as needed, making them perfect for a large class or entire school! This saves YOU money but kids will still get an adorable valentine that is sure to bring big smiles to their faces! Teachers: keep a few of these printed and ready to go for any kid who doesn’t get a Valentine!!! 

Use for classroom parties, preschool valentines, Sunday School classes, girl scout groups, playdates with best friends, homeschool, and any other large gathering you need valentines for. 🙂

Have A Scavenger Hunt With These Printable Valentines Day Cards For Kids

Need a fun activity to do with your kids?? Create a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt!

Print out these cards and cut them out. Write a clue on the back of each that leads to the next one, them hide them around the house (or outside if it’s nice out!)

For example, you could hand them the first card that says, “Find your next sweet treat, on the surface on which you’d eat!” They would figure out that means the kitchen table, and find the next clue there, and so on.

When they reach the last clue, you can reward them with some yummy Valentine treats, like cookies, some candy or even fun (free) rewards bucks that they can redeem for prizes!

Give To Kids When Sick Or Injured

It is absolutely no fun when our kiddos are sick or hurt. 🙁 Talk about breaking a mom’s heart!

We can feel helpless sometimes as parents when our kids are sick. But what we can do is fun little things to make them smile and laugh!

These cards are perfect to give to your kids whether they are sick, injured, sad, or whatever reason! These cute and free printables will make perfect little pick-me-ups for them, and the puns will make them chuckle. 🙂

These fun cute fruit Valentine’s cards are going to be perfect for all of your holiday needs! 🙂

Published at Fri, 08 Jan 2021 13:00:27 +0000