Online Pool Strategy – 8-Ball

Playing pool online is a great way to work on your strategy and gain additional insight into the game that will help you both with online and offline play.  There are many types of online pool games that are available to players.  An all time favorite classic billiards variation that is quite popular online is 8-Ball pool.  This game is one of the most popular versions used in billiard tournaments and is a great way for beginners to learn how to shoot and how to strategize their game effectively. If you are a beginner player, the first tip to keep in mind is to go for the easy shots first.  This will help you to start building up points and give you an edge over your opponent from the start.  If you don’t have any easy shots available to you (i.e., later on in the game), play it safe so that you don’t accidentally give your opponent any unnecessary advantages. Work to hit groups of closely positioned balls hard and try to stay away from the 8-ball when doing so in order to avoid accidentally pocketing it on a hard strike.  If you see that your opponent has an easy shot lined up, pocket that ball and essentially forfeit your move so that he won’t be able to control the table for his next move.  Obviously, if you have any easy shots beforehand, try for those first.  If you are a more advanced player, don’t rush to gain control of the table because clearing all your balls out of the way will just give your opponent an easier time clearing the table.  In addition to trying to move your own balls into better positions, try to set up your balls in a way that makes it hard for your opponent to pocket their balls.  Once you feel you can run the table, then focus on clearing your balls but play safe with some of them.  Even the most confident players need to leave themselves a safety net!  Another tip that is used commonly by more advanced players is leaving the cue ball close to the rail in order to make an obstacle for your opponent.  Another way to achieve the same objective is to simply knock your opponent’s ball away from the pocket.Source: Free Articles from

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