“Success is an option, it takes work and sweat!”

“Success is an option, it takes work and sweat!”

You read lots of books about ?how to make millions? online; how to make a 6 figure income from home in your pajamas, work only 2 hours a day ? and manage to have a vacation on the beach every other month, learn the secrets of success… you get motivated and then it fizzles out like a wet firecracker.

You work hard during the day to make ends meet; you study at night to see if you can raise your standard of living, to buy your wife that little extra… You study these ?fabulous offers?
that are going to make you rich and give financial independence.

Most of us don?t even come close to making a few bucks online, you read so much hype you don?t know who to believe and who is really ethical. Scams abound on the Internet. Still, you apply for some ?free? information from another cyberdude who is gonna make us rich overnight, promising you all the wealth
and fun on the beach forever. But, like gossamer, that also comes to zero.

You then wise up a little and become selective and perhaps do a little evaluation on specific areas, maybe it is on e-books “How to get a stampede to your website!” Get your copy now.

You think “Well, lets try this, it is only $50, it can?t break me.” Everybody else seems to be making big money on
the Internet.

“What about affiliates? Should I be selling there?” No, you think, people get ripped off being an affiliate… MLM? Ha!

It sounds so logical, you apply for this e-book and you?re gonna make $5000 per month doing absolutely nothing. You?re gonna put your business on autopilot as the script says, sit back 24/7 and watch the loot roll in. By now you know it isn?t quite real, it sounds falser than a weeping croc.

You begin to make a concerted effort and apply all the information in hope. Step one… your wife is looking over your shoulder, she wants to know why you are spending so much time on the computer. “My dear, I have got to get something going, I might lose my job tomorrow.”

It?s midnight and you decide to call it quits until tomorrow. At 6.0. am you wake up and the first thing that comes into your mind is the Internet “Have I done the right thing? Should I be doing something else?” There is a lot of effort going into this project and then those awful thoughts creep in, “Can I really make money online?” “Maybe I can?” There is so much uncertainty.

You feel a bit down…

Your buddies in the office throw out their comments “Yeah, another dot com gone under, wonder how many more this year?” You feel more doubtful as the day creeps on.

You boot up in the evening and hope you are getting response from some of the two buck ads you have been running, no, nothing there, just heaps of spam from the ads you posted on the FFA sites. What a mistake that was. At least you are learning fast where not to post your
free ads.

So you ask yourself “How do I find someone I can work with on the Internet, reseller programs or whatever, that I
can relate to and really trust?”

It’s not easy working online (or off), by any stretch of the imagination, The first person to trust is you. That you
can really do it. Of course, it takes persistency on a given course and sometimes to doggedly follow through.

But the odds can seem quite overwhelming.

To establish an Internet business takes hard work and a lot of effort. You are looking for information and you find
about six ?gurus? who have been making a pile online since 1995. Each tell a different story and you are left wondering who is the expert? And you think “Yeah, there are plenty of
opinions out there so I must do what works best for me.” But what’s that?

Hey, don?t give up, lots of people do because they get frustrated, you can make it if you are persistent. It?s only the fools who think they will get wealthy overnight, but there IS money out there, so go find it.

Jonathon Ford
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