Pay Per Click for Your Work at Home Business

While it only takes 15 minutes to set up a pay per click advertisement campaign, there are some things you should watch out for to make pay per click work for your home based business.  First, you should make sure you choose the right keywords for your business.  You want to make sure you use targeted keywords that are also popular so that you get traffic that converts a good number of visitors to consumers. 

The major pay per click sites usually offer tools so that you can monitor how your keywords are driving traffic to your site.  You will be able to analyze if your keywords are too general and drawing the wrong kind of traffic or if they are too narrow or obscure to draw in any traffic at all.  You will also be able to see which keywords are working best so that you can target your advertising to make pay per click work for your work at home business.

When your pay per click advertisement shows up on the search engine site, you need to make sure that your copy sells to your targeted audience.  Make sure your advertisement is clear, concise, and specific.  Otherwise, you will be paying for people to click on our advertisement that have no interest in your specific business.  Also, resist over promoting any offers, as it will often bring in non-buyers that just want free items.  Targeting your advertisement will also make pay per click work for your work at home business.

Pay per click advertising means that the consumer will be directed to your website when they click on your ad.  To make pay per click work for your work at home business, you may not want to direct the consumer right to your home page.  You may want to direct them to a page that focuses directly on what they are seeking. 

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