Work From Home Online Tools

Every business has a need for tools to make their tasks easier. The same applies to a work from home online business. Tools will reduce the amount of time needed to perform daily tasks therefore creating a higher productivity output. They can also be used to perform tasks that a webmaster may otherwise need to pay some one to do.

Many work from home online webmasters do not know how to write source code so a tool that comes in very handy is a writer such as the free NVU. With NVU the webmaster can just write in plain text in the normal window and while that is being done the source code is automatically being written in another window called source.

This can be used to write page content for a web page, email campaign, articles or even ads that require source code to make links, names, and images clickable. The code is also what creates the spaces between paragraphs, font sizes, colors, and information that is only seen by the search engines when they crawl your site.

The webmaster can write the content directly into NVU or another tool such as word processor programs like Open Office, Microsoft Works, or Note Tab Light can be used then just copy and paste the content into NVU and instantly get your source code. Which ever way the webmaster feels more comfortable using in their work from home online business will work just fine.

Once the webmaster has finished creating the page for his website then the free tool called FileZilla Client is used to transfer the data to the file manager of the website on the sites server to make it live on the web. Tools like FileZilla are imperative to a webmaster in a work from home online business since that is the only way to transfer data from one’s PC to the sites file manager on the server.

For the articles that are written this way they are now ready to be submitted to the article directories by using the copy and paste method. The same method can be used to insert articles or messages into the webmasters auto-responder as well. At anytime that a page from your website needs changes made just use FileZilla to down load that page from your servers file manger to your PC, make the changes in NVU and then use FileZilla to upload the page back to your site.

The auto-responder is one of the most important tools that a webmaster will use in a work from home online business. Auto-responders do have a monthly fee, however you can find them at a variety of monthly fees depending on just how involved you need it to be. Most auto-responder suppliers base their prices on the size of your list, the number of messages you can send each month and the number of special broadcasts that you want to send out each month. All of which will depend on how new your work from home online business is.

The auto-responder is the webmasters work-horse since it works twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. In other words it never stops working. No matter how many different places that you have your lead capture page being exposed on the web it will always send the prospects sign-up information back to your auto-responder and your preloaded messages will be sent to them, which is building your list while you work on other things, sleepFeature Articles, or even take a day off. This one tool is the webmasters totally auto pilot work force once you load your messages. Most work from home online business owners try to set-up at least six months to a year of follow-up messages spaced about three to four days apart. This way they only need to do behind the scenes work for any special broadcasts they wish to send out like special deals or new training that they come up with.

In closing one can see how important just these few tools are to a webmaster that is operating a work from home online business. The great thing about these few are they are all free to down load and use except for the auto-responder which if a webmaster shops around they can find them at very reasonable prices. Just be sure to do your research of the company offering the auto-responder to be sure they deliver what they promise and that they have happy satisfied clients.

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