Work at Home Opportunities and Benefits You Should Not Missed

Most people who make the switch to work at home do it to be able to earn an income from home or even to supplement the income they make outside the home.

Extra income when you work at home is appealing to almost everyone, but there is another valuable commodity that you gain when you change your work location to your home office.  You gain more productive hours in each day.  Even if you have only a 20 -30 minute commute daily, which is the national average, you are spending at least one hour out of every 24 just getting to and from your job. If you add to that the time you spend getting ready personally, you spend another hour.  You can add another hour of non-productive time each day spent in lunches, coffee breaks and office chit-chat.  At approximately $10 per hour, that’s $150 per week in non productive time, just for the privilege of going somewhere to put in more time.

No more commuting

Imagine instead if you used just the commuting time to do something enjoyable.  Go for a walk in the park.  Have lunch with your partner.  Play with your toddler.  When you work at home, you can do some of these things with your time instead of spending hours on the freeway or on a commuter train or bus.  Of course, you could also use that hour each day in income producing work, but you don’t have to do so.  You have already proved you don’t need to work during that hour.

Enjoy your Free Time

It’s important to use the free time you gain when you work at home to do something enjoyable.  You will be healthier, happier and a more well-rounded and interesting person.  Your family will appreciate the time you set aside to spend with them.  Your circle of friends may even grow as you take up new activities and meet new people.  This can all happen without you having to carve time out of your day.  It is just rescheduling activities that you WANT to do for activities you previously HAD to do.

Schedule your own Work Hours

Another time advantage you gain when you work at home is the ability to schedule your own work hours.  You are not required to be ‘on the job’ from 9 to 5 any longer.  You can actually accomplish the same work in significantly less time simply because you will work when you are at your peak mentally and physically and spend the rest of the day doing things to recharge your energy.  If you find that you get very sleepy around mid afternoon, schedule a short nap at that time or do something totally different to wake up

Multi Tasking

Finally, when you work at home, you will find that you can do some multi tasking very effectively in ways that will give you extra minutes to spend however you wish.  For example, put a load of laundry in the washing machine before sitting down at your computer.  If you need to sweep the porchFree Web Content, use a voice activated recorder to outline your next work project verbally.  You will probably be able to find many other little time tricks that provide you with even more time to enjoy life.