Online Work From Home Business Success – Six Laws Of The Economics Of Abundance


Your online work from home business success and your capacity to build unlimited wealth as a Netpreneur in the 21st century are directly related to the six laws of the economics of abundance.It’s important for you to understand these laws and use them, live them.Today, in our creative internet economy there is no limit to the amount of wealth you can create. That is, new economics tells you that you’re never running out of anything.It’s how you apply your human intelligence, your human mind and creativity to your physical resources that literally creates your online business resources, your online work from home business success, your wealth and income.This new economics is based on a paradigm of abundance.Economists, like Paul Zane Pilzer and Chris Anderson, study this economics of abundance, and they believe that today we as human beings have the ability to create unlimited wealth. Underlying their theories is the conviction that the only economic limit to your dreams is the size of the dream itself.So, if you want to achieve online work from home business success in today’s creative internet economy, you have to play by the new rules of an economics of abundance.And this theory is a different story than conventional economics tells you. Traditional economists learn you that we live in a world of scarcity, not abundance. Their belief system is different.In this article I want to give you a quick understanding of the six laws of the economics of abundance.I hope my explanation will help you to better analyze your online work from home business success and future business plans.As you read these six principles ask yourself: How can I apply this law or principle to my own online business?Six Laws Of The Economics Of AbundancePrinciple 1: Your resources are unlimited because your human mind is unlimited.This is an important one. Ultimately, you will never run out of resources, because all resources are inventions, creations of the human mind.Think about oil. Today, everyone is saying that we are running out of oil, that supplies are shrinking. The process of finding oil is something we have learned in the past through research, experimenting and hard work. Today, we are exploring new resources. As oil and all other (new) resources, resources are really inventions of the human mind – and there is no limit to creativity and the human mind.Principle 2: The supply of resources is determined by technology.In online business your network of people is an important resource base. You could use new internet technology to increase your supply of new people, new business contacts and relationships.Principle 3: The exchange of information determines the advance of technology.The faster we exchange information (through the internet, for instance), the faster we advance technology.Principle 4: Demand is determined by technology.In the creative economy we live in, you must find something to make, and then let it create it’s own, new demand. Demand for new products and services doesn’t exist until (new) technology has created the products and services.Principle 5: There is no limit to the economy because there is no limit to demand.A long-term plan for online work from home business success navigates between stimulating quantity demand (the demand for more of what your clients have just purchased) and quality demand (the demand for different and/or other products or services). Quantity demand and quality demand create constant ongoing demand. New products and services always plant new ideas in our minds. But these products and services also provide us with choice – an important stimulant of demand.Principle 6: Focus on your technology gap.Your technology gap is the gap between the technology you are currently using in your online business, and the technology you could be using, but aren’t yet. It’s simple. We often don’t live completely up to our potential. Your immediate economic potential for growth as an online entrepreneur can be explained by examining your technology gap.These six principles explain today’s new, creative internet economy.It’s important for your online work from home business success that you understand them, live them.

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