Public California Marriage Records

Marital documents made more simple using the online means offered these days. Master how it does work using an online point of view.

Copies of California Marriage Records from July 1, 1905 up to the current time are obtainable at the state’s Office of Vital Records. For files that are dated earlier than that, it is required that you write to the County Recorder in the county where the couple was married. Nowadays, searching for this type of account is becoming a common thing to various individuals. It has been a good source of information that is used for several reasons.

In the state of California, this information consists of all marriage license applications and all marriages by county, name, and date. It is the Department of Public Heath Office of Vital Records of the state that provides these public marriage records to everyone. On the other hand, those documents for marriages that are considered as confidential are only accessible through the county office where the license was issued.

An extremely slow turn-around time is expected when you search for this account without knowing the county that issued the marriage license. Usually, it takes up to 2 to 3 years before the request will be processed. In this case, the only files that can be provided to you are those certificates that are given from 1949-1986 and 1988-1999. Payments that are due for these documents are payable at the Vital Records office by check or money order.

As mandated by the California Public Records Act, all public files of the state are now open for everyone to access and use. Government agencies have even transferred this information online for a much easier access. Third-party companies also offer service for this matter. However, they often require a certain amount of fee.

With millions of people and countless marriage records, it is, therefore, a challenging task to find what you’re precisely looking for in this state. The process can even be tedious and a pain in the neck if you do-it-yourself. But thanks to those commercial record providers online for they made searching much easier and quicker these days. This time, the information that you need is already at your fingertips in just split minutes.

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