Make Money Being an Online Tutor

Make Money Being an Online Tutor

There is no doubt that the current Covid-19 pandemic has affected households all across the country and indeed the world. The potential loss of income, coupled with the unavoidable costs that having a family at home all the time incurs, means that finding a secondary or even primary source of money is more important than ever. This is where Studypool comes in. No matter if you are an experienced tutor with years of experience under your belt, or whether you are an enthusiastic newcomer to the field with knowledge to share, Studypool would love to hear from you.

Studypool is an exclusively online platform that connects students and tutors from across the world in order to help them with their studies. With over 10 million students, a number that is growing daily, it’s the perfect time to start tutoring and turn the knowledge you have into cash! The platform has been featured on multiple money earning blogs such as Forbes, Nasdaq and Dave Ramsey, and there has never been a better moment to sign up and start making some immediate profit!

Although the ongoing pandemic has caused a lot of devastation to families, the concurrent rise of online and distance based learning really does present an opportunity to capitalize on the current situation – many parents will have found themselves homeschooling their own children over the past year, why not turn this new skill into a profit making venture?

For the most part, working at Studypool will involve working with students as they seek help answering specific questions related to their school or university work. Questions such as “I need help editing and proofreading” or “Can you help explain this math concept” are typical of the questions that Studypool tutors answer every day.

Now, the question that you are all probably thinking is “how much money can I earn?” That’s the fantastic thing about Studypool – it all depends on you. The most active tutors on the platform earn over six figures a year but your earnings will vary depending on how much work you want to take on and what you think a question is worth. Tutors can browse a list of available questions, and then make a bid on the question of their choice. After winning the bid, you can start working with your student right away and the money will be placed into your balance after the successful completion of the question. Studypool retains between 15-30% of the question cost as commission, allowing them to continue to run the platform effectively and continue to put as many students and tutors in touch as possible. As you tutor more and more, you will begin to have repeat students – securing these relationships is the best way to get consistent and regular income, so don’t be afraid to show off your personality and get to know your students!

So what are the steps that you need to take to start tutoring? When you visit, you can start your application immediately. As well as filling in all the information that will start to build your profile, you will be afforded the opportunity to work on some sample questions. These sample questions are the springboard to a successful start on the platform so really show off your skills and what you can do. There are sample questions in a wide variety of subjects, from Humanities and Math to Engineering and Programming, with opportunities for anyone, no matter your area of expertise. After your application has been accepted and your sample questions analysed, subject specific badges can be added to your profile, something that enables you to stand out to students as a mark of your expertise.

After that, the platform is your oyster – students ask questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and as such you really can create your own schedule and only work when you see fit. There are no minimum or maximum requirements either, so you can sit down, log on and help students whenever the opportunity presents itself or whenever you have the time. Although there are no requirements about how often you work, the questions do have deadlines that you will want to adhere to in order to build successful and of course profitable relationships with your students. Question volume on the platform does tend to mirror the typical US semester, with peak times of year around Easter and Fall, but with distance learning becoming more and more popular, there is more and more potential to earn money every day.

Getting your hard earned money is very straightforward too. Studypool works directly with a number of well known payment facilitators such as PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union, and Payoneer, or you can have a check mailed to your address or do a direct deposit into your bank account. Note that you will need to have a minimum of $50 in your balance to withdraw. It’s important to note as well that your payment is protected. Studypool accepts the money from your student before you have started answering the question and holds it for you until the question has been satisfactorily answered.

There are no special qualifications or certificates needed to apply, just a willingness to help students and flex your academic muscles. There are also no limitations on where you are from, Studypool has tutors living all over the United States and the world.

Through Studypool, the issues that have troubled more traditional ‘brick and mortar’ tutors in the past have become history. The largest issue for tutors was always finding enough students to keep their business afloat, Studypool takes the stress of self promotion, marketing and advertising away and does all the leg work for you – allowing you to focus on what you do best, helping students learn and get stronger. Your profile will be regularly evaluated as well, with top performances rewarded with additional subject badges as well as other perks such as the lowering of the commission rates when you become a ‘Top Tutor’. As your profile builds and gets stronger, and you start to develop relationships with students, you will start to find that students will come back to you, time and time again, often sending exclusive invites. Although this can take some time, the effort is worth it and you may find yourself in the position where you can pick and choose what to work on, ensuing that the time and budget suit you and your family.

With more students online than ever before, a new and evolving emphasis on remote learning, and a truly liberating earning potential, there is no better time to apply to be a tutor on Studypool – if you work well on the platform, you could realistically see a side-hustle turn into a full time profession, one that allows you to work remotely, be it from the comfort of your own home, or a more exotic location when the world gets back to normal.

Published at Wed, 10 Feb 2021 08:51:51 +0000