Fun Educational Coloring Numbers Practice Writing Printable

Fun Educational Coloring Numbers Practice Writing Printable

Are you looking for some fun and FREE learning resources for your kids?

Maybe they aren’t yet in school and you want to help them prepare, or for extra practice at home if they are in school…well look no further! 😉

Check out these fun educational coloring numbers practice writing printables, created just for you!

Fun Educational Coloring Numbers Practice Writing Printable

Fun Educational Coloring Numbers Practice Writing Printable

When I was younger I loved school and loved to learn! I’ve combined learning with a super fun activity to help your kids learn their numbers and letters too. 🙂

They won’t just be learning that though with these educational practice printables, they will also learn pen control, counting, recognizing words and improve their focus!

These printables include numbers 1 – 20, making it great for those just starting out or kids who need a little more practice writing and understanding words. 😉

Each page includes:

  • The number to trace
  • However many objects or animals per number to count
  • Tracing the number practice
  • The number spelled out with tracing practice
  • A fun seek and find coloring game at the bottom! 

Fun Educational Coloring Numbers Practice Writing Printable Download

Download the coloring numbers practice writing printable here.

Fun Ways To Use These Printables:

Looking for some fun and new ways to use these writing practice worksheets? Here are a few ideas…

Make A Fun Learning Binder 

Before enjoying these fun learning printables, make a cool worksheet practice binder!

What you’ll need:

  • These printables
  • 1-inch binder
  • 3 hole punch
  • 3-ring divider pencil case
  • Page protectors or laminating machine (optional)
  • Pencils or dry erase markers

How to assemble your binder:

1. Print out all the printables, 1-20.

2. If choosing to laminate, go ahead and do this now! This will allow them to be reused and keep them from getting ripped or stained.

3. Use the 3-hole punch place each learning printable in your binder.

4. Put the dry erase markers (or pencils if you didn’t laminate) in the zipper pouch and attach it to the inside of the binder.

Now you’ve got your fun learning binder ready for your kids!! This makes it easy to grab and go when you need it because it’s all organized in one place. Bring it in the car for car rides, doctor’s appointments, waiting at the bank, etc.

Extra Practice For School

Do your kids need a little extra help in learning their numbers and letters for school?

They can totally use these learning printables!

These have such fun activities to do and won’t feel like extra homework or work for them. Encourage them to keep building skills, and they’ll have fun at the same time.

You could even bring out some crayons for the fun bottom activity on each page or let them color the fun pictures in. 🙂

Use During School Breaks (Teachers and Parents)

Want a fun and creative way to keep your kids in the “school mindset” even while on breaks? Grab out these printables, or your learning binder if you made it!

These learning binders have just enough fun to keep your kids interested even when they aren’t in school. They will continue learning without it feeling like homework. 😉

Use these for fall break, Christmas break, long weekends, spring break, sick days, or school days canceled due to weather. These would even be great for substitute teachers or morning work. Focus on one number a day for morning work! 

These fun educational practice printables are sure to be a hit! Have fun learning. 😉

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