How To Work At Home Using Your Computer, Even If You Can’t Type

How To Work At Home Using Your Computer, Even If You Can’t Type

By Ken Leonard Jr.

©2002 KLJ Online

Starting a home-based business involves many tasks. It
quickly becomes very important to make as many of these
tasks as easy as possible. Speed and efficiency are tops
when it comes to getting work done. If you are a “hunt-
and-peck” typist, one of the most important first goals
you should have is to learn to type properly and quickly.

Accomplishing this feat will give you great practice in
setting and reaching goals for your business, and will
benefit you from that day on.

Many tasks related to running an online (or offline)
home-based business require typing skills. The less
time you spend typing (answering email, writing ads
and sales copy, developing info products, etc.),
the more you’ll have to spend on other very important
things. Website tweaking, marketing, and promotion
come to mind.

Look in the “bargain bin” at your favorite local store
(or your favorite online seller) for last year’s
version of a typing course on CD-ROM. A good choice
(if you can find it)is any version of “Mavis Beacon Teaches
Typing”. You might find an older, but just as useable,
version 6,7, or 8, instead of the newest v.10 . You’ll
probably pay around $10 (here in the US) for this
“clearance” item.

Set aside one hour a night, for two months (yeah, that’s
right) to use the course. Do a few lessons each night,
and do some of the practice games included (if you found
a Mavis Beacon CD). Learn to do the exercises with correct
posture and error-free. As the weeks go by, your speed will
increase, and your confidence will grow.

In two months time, you will be typing “by touch”,
being able to look at your copyFeature Articles, while your fingers are
typing away. Your increased efficiency will allow you
to blow through answering emails. Type or retype your
articles and ads with blazing speed. Save countless
hours over the course of the year.

Can’t type? Learn today!

You’ll be glad you did.