How to Get Great Deals on Flowers This Mother’s Day

How to Get Great Deals on Flowers This Mother’s Day

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Flowers are a critical part of Mother’s Day. You simply can’t skip them! But if you don’t go about it right, purchasing flowers for Mom can be costly. (Not that she’s not worth it!) Here are our best tips for getting great deals on flowers this Mother’s Day.

Choose a Reputable Online Vendor

We suggest ordering your flowers online because it’s easier to compare prices this way. However, it’s important to choose a reputable vendor. Some less scrupulous online florists may charge you an arm and a leg for flowers, especially as flower-giving holidays approach. Look for a website that’s candid about it’s whole process, including where the flowers they sell came from. We love The Bouqs for their transparency. (And their great deals, too.) 

Order Way Before Mother’s Day

One thing is certain: as we creep closer to Mother’s Day, prices on flowers will skyrocket. So, we recommend ordering your flowers right now to get the best deals. The only better time would have been yesterday! And don’t worry, just because you order them today doesn’t mean they have to be delivered tomorrow; you can typically set the date for when you want the flowers delivered. 

Go for Blooms That Make the Most Impact

We tend to think that the only way we can stun and delight our flower recipient is with a huge bouquet of flowers, but that’s simply not true. Think about orchids! They’re typically gifted as just one precious, delicate flower and they’re all the more valued for it. So, rather than splurging on a whole ton of flowers, consider buying a smaller bouquet of truly stunning ones. 

More Ways to Save on Flowers

Once you’ve found the best deals on flowers, there are even more ways to save. For example: 

Make it a Group Gift

If you want to get your mom and abundance of really nice flowers this year, get your siblings in on it. If you all chip in, you can shower her in tons of roses (or her preferred blooms) and make her feel like the most cherished mom on the planet. 

Use Your Own Vase

Many flower companies will charge an additional fee to put the flowers in a nice vase. This is totally fine if you don’t have one on hand! But if you do, there’s no rule against putting the flowers in one of your own vases and bringing it over to your mom’s place. You can always grab it back later after the holiday is over. Or, you can DIY a vase out of a wine bottle, mason jar, or another cool upcycled item. 

Go for Minimalist Chic

Minimal is in, and if your mom likes that kind of style, why not opt for a low profile succulent or a single orchid? This can be much more cost-effective than an entire bouquet, and it feels bespoke to her individual style. 

We know you’d spend anything on your beloved mother, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Getting great deals on Mother’s Day flowers is easy with just a little foresight and planning. And the best part is that no matter what you spend on flowers, they’re scientifically proven to make her happy! Happy gifting! 

Published at Thu, 04 Mar 2021 07:07:57 +0000