Fastest Ways To Get Started Working From Home

Fastest Ways To Get Started Working From Home

It’s been a year since the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the virus strain (COVID-19) from Wuhan, China as a pandemic. The world has gone into a lockdown and while the plague did not only become a health emergency, it also affected the universal economy. A notable economic impact has taken place all over the world due to business closures, less productivity and the decline in the tourism industry. Given the situation, more on more people are seeking for the fastest ways to get started working from home.

But if there is one good thing that happened in this pandemic is how remote work opened a lot of doors for income-generating opportunities that you might not be aware of prior to reading this. With your computer, some skills and a WiFi connection, here are the fastest ways to get started working from home.

Do Data Entry Jobs

Another one of the fastest ways to get started working from home is to enter different data into the systems of businesses. These data entry jobs may either come in the form of making an inventory, tracking bills, reports, medical records or measure outputs.

The topmost requirements for this job are typing skills, a flair for accuracy and the ability to meet deadlines. And since most data entry works are at home jobs, they are available on job listings of, Upwork, and other related sites.

Be an In Demand Freelance Writer

freelance writing - fastest ways to get started working from home

Now and then, writers are in demand to make content, news articles or think of creative ideas that fill the pages of sites on the web. While the established sites have their own writers, a big portion of these outsource their content by hiring freelance writers. A background in writing is one of the fastest ways to get started working from home, although you also need to have the drive and gift to find a special angle on events that happen every single day. Sites like Upwork, Indeed and Freelancer list writing gigs though you need to provide a sample of your work in your resume.

Being a freelance writer is not only an independent one with a great deal of flexibility​. If one becomes skilled in the business side and really works to improve and sharpen the skill, it can become extremely financially sustainable. Freelance writing is a great choice, you can have complete control over your hours and the projects you choose to take on. You can do it all from the comfort of your home office, couch or bed or even while traveling.

Apply as a Call Center Agent

call center agent - fastest ways to get started working from home

One of the fastest ways to get started working from home is to become a customer service representative. Here, you can provide your services to customers through the phone for a diversity of businesses in an extensive range of productions or industries such as retail, health care, technology and a lot more.

An experience in call center, data entry, and the help of a pleasant voice will be a plus. There are sites where you can find job listings for a call center agent like,,, Craigslist, and other related links. You may also find offers by local businesses via ads in FB or LinkedIn.

Get Your Social Media Skills Working

In this time of pandemic, businesses depend more on social media to reach their customers and also to avoid paying heavily on newspapers or TV ads. However, not all companies have somebody in their workforce who is tasked to manage their social media accounts so people started to offer their services as social media managers. This is to help said enterprises grow their online following and widen their reach.If you have a good grip with social media and have a huge following, then this type of work is the fastest way to get started working from home by reaching out to companies inquiring from them whether they need some help. Thousands of listings for social media managers are available on sites like Flexjobs, Buffer, Indeed or Upwork to help you get the remote work you want.

Social media managers are responsible for creating and maintaining brand promotions and marketing campaigns for their company across different social media networks. They are the ones who monitor social media analytics and respond to questions and comments according to the company’s voice and guidelines. Social media managers work daily to produce high-engaging new content for their companies, constantly innovating to come up with brand new ideas. Social media managers are in demand in the digital space because they are knowledgeable on setting strategies for a product launch, posting, curating, running advertisements and more.

Be a Sought-after Online Teacher

online teaching - fastest ways to get started working from home

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an online teacher, there are good places to start and a couple of helpful tips you can use. Remember, training is key to making sure both you and your students enjoy home education. The good thing about online teaching is that it can open up a lot of opportunities even if you’re just at home with your computer. Every grade school kid and student is homeschooled these days, so teachers who are willing to work remotely are in demand. Either full time or part time, kinder or high school, you can share your knowledge and expertise by online teaching especially with the English subject which is one of the fastest ways to get started working from home. Sites like 51Talk, JP English, and other related links will help you in your search.

As an educator, you need to remember that home learning doesn’t have to be full of pressure. It’s about building a partnership between you and your online students and recognizing the ways that students can learn within their own environment.

Become a Topnotch Virtual Assistant

Why not offer your administrative skills from the comfort of your home? A virtual assistant which is one of the fastest ways to get started working from home perform several services like setting schedules, managing emails and social media accounts or plan for upcoming company events. You can have this online job full time through an agency or work independently via a gig basis. Post your services on job boards like Upwork, Freelancer, Indeed…where they will gladly connect you to prospective clients.

It takes hard work and consistency to become a successful and skilled Virtual Assistant. You can’t expect that if you decide to become a Virtual Assistant (VA), work will magically fall into your lap. However, with the right combination of dedication, enthusiasm and determination, you are entitled to landing premium projects with top clients.

Showcase Your Passion Through Blogging

Being a blogger is different from the other work-from-home stints. Here, you have to build up your own site, gain a traffic (or audience) and find ways to monetize it to earn an income. While being a blogger does not provide you with instant cash, it is still one of the fastest ways to get started working from home and besides, owning a blog can be the best tool to start your own online business as well.

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No matter which group you’re in, making money with a blog is highly  possible. It’s not a get rich quick ordeal, but if you do it right, you could make enough to support your family and more. Let’s dive in and see how you can make a profit with your blog.

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When you decide for an online job make sure that you will not fall into the prey of scammers. Keep in mind that there are scores of frauds on the internet to try and rob your identity and sometimes they obtain money from you. Always remember that legit companies have human resource personnel, offer benefits and vacation leaves, detail job descriptions and expectations, require references and work samples and you go through the usual application and interview process. So, good luck to you!

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