Setting Prices When You Work At Home

When you choose to work at home, you will find there are many capacities you have to take control of that you have not previously had to do. For example, when you were a simple employee for a company you did your job and you did not worry about anyone else’s or anything else. But, when you choose to work for yourself and work at home all of this will change. In fact, you may be a bit surprised at how much work consumes you and how you are unable to separate it easily from your home life. It takes time and practice, but you will learn how to create a work at home business that works for you. But, one thing you do not have time to do is set prices for your services. This is something you need to do up front and think a lot about.

It is not easy to set prices because you want to set a price high enough to be paid well for your services, but you do not want to set a price higher than most clients are willing to pay. The easiest way to go about finding the right price to charge for your services is to take stock of all the services you offer. Then, check out other popular companies offering the same services and see what they charge. When you come up with an average price of other companies then you can create a price of your own. If you don’t have overheard and other expenses like many of the companies offering similar services have then you may consider lowering your price just a bit. You will still be able to make good money and you will also be able to compete more with other companies because you have a lower price. That is something you will want to consider.

Once you set a price you need to stick by it. Word of mouth works over the Internet, too, and wherever you print or publish a price others will find it and expect your services for that price. It is okay to raise your prices every year or so to keep up with changes in expenses and to reflect your experience. However, be sure to change the original price list you have printed on the web so everyone will be aware of the price change.

Another tip for setting prices when you work at home is to offer discounts. You may even consider building a discount into the price. That is because people just feel good when they are given a discount, even if it works out to the original price. For example, if you want to make $10 an hour and you want to give a 15% discount to your clients then charge $11.75 per hour and give the discount. Then, you will make your target hourly rate and you will make clients feel good with a discount.

There are many things to keep in mind when setting a price for your services. But, if you are happy with the price and clients are happy with the price then you have found a good price to start with!