Online Dating Tips: 4 Ways to Strengthen the Connection

For whatever reason, relationships can grow stale.  No one sets out with that intention but it happens. All the talk about endless love and being together forever gives way to the reality that things are just not going to work. 

On line dating is no different. Two people connect in a chat and really hit it off. For a period of time they cannot get enough of each other. Every conversation is better than the last.  It’s only a matter of time before they have their first face to face get together.

Then as quickly as it came, it’s over. It could have been a disagreement that got out of control, external forces that occupied their attention to the point it made getting together for chats less conducive or they got bored with each other. It happens 
But if you are feeling good about your online dating partner and have come to the conclusion you want it to continue then there are some things you can do which could greatly help the relationship.

1. Communication

Not necessarily chatting or emailing them to the point they start getting annoyed. The rush of emotions can easily degenerate into contact overload. They like you but constantly crowding their space is testing their fondness for you. Communicate on a regular schedule that also provides them space to digest your conversations.

2. Sharing

They tell you how their day went, what they watched on TV, why they like a particular showFree Reprint Articles, some information on their family and maybe a link or two regarding their favorite books.  And you? Not so much. In fact getting you to talk a little about yourself is like pulling teeth. Your cyberdate may be trying everything in their power to share but if there is not enough willing feedback than they could decide to move on.

3. Homemade

Don’t underestimate this one. It’s easy to just go get an e-card and mail it to them. But if you can make something by hand scan it and send it to your cyberdate you may be pleasantly surprised at their reaction. For many people making something homemade means it comes from the heart.

4. Thoughtfulness

A little while back during one of your online chats your dating partner mentioned something about their nephew. It was only said in passing but later on down the road you ask about him. Keeping track of smaller issues that affect your date shows thoughtfulness on your part. It also tells them you are pretty good when it comes to paying attention.
There is ebb and flow to every relationship. Some couples make it work to their favor others don’t. Online or off growing a relationship requires work. But you can help your situation considerably by making the strong and consistent effort to keep building on those connections.