Tips For Those Who Work at Home Part-Time

One way to keep track of the work you are doing when you work at home part-time is to have an activity log.  Try it for a week.  Include all your daily activities and how long it takes you to complete each task.  This log will help you see exactly where your time is going.

Second, it is easy after a long day at your full-time job to come home and be distracted from your work at home part-time job.  Your log will help you see just how much time you are devoting to these distractions.  It will also help you determine how to curb those habits and be more effective in your work at home part-time job.

Now, if you apply the same techniques to your full-time job, you can free up some time to work on your work at home part-time responsibilities.  However, this advice also comes with a serious warning, as many bosses do not like you to work on outside jobs when they are paying you to do their work.  It is important that you are on top of your full-time work before you start working on your work at home part-time work.

Use your log to develop a schedule for your work at home part-time business.  To-Do lists are a great tool to be able to prioritize what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.  Daily to-do lists are virtually a necessity in work at home part-time businesses, as it keeps you focused.  Be sure, too, to develop a schedule that is realistic with real time schedules for tasks.  Also, set time limits for tasks that are ongoing.  Creating this type of discipline is important for balancing your work at home part-time job with your full-time job and, most importantly, your life.

Learning to say “no” is one of the most effective time management tools if you work at home part-time.  However, if you do not learn to decline projects, you will find yourself under increasing stress.  Make sure you know exactly how much work you can handle and keep yourself within your limits.

Finally, you need to learn to use your down time effectively for your work at home part-time business.  Use your “waiting room” time to get some work done.  Also, time spent traveling on airplanes, buses, cabs, etc. can all be used for minor tasks.  It will help you save time later.

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