Tips for Being an Organized Work at Home Mom

Being a work at home mom can be a dream come true.  In order to keep your position a dream you
need to maintain a schedule and keep your home paperwork organized.  A schedule can make you and your kids’ days
run happily and smoothly.

Working at home comes with many advantages, it also comes
with its own unique set of challenges. 
You may find it is much more of a struggle organizing home paperwork
then it was when you were housed inside of an office building.  It may also be much harder for you to manage
your time.  Much like working in an
office finding the right balance between work and home life is key to having a
successful career or business.


The importance of a schedule can’t be emphasized
enough.  Both a work schedule for you and
a daily flow schedule for your kids will help you have the most productive,
happiest days.  Mom’s working at home may
have an unrealistic vision of what can be accomplished in a day.  Then when you haven’t accomplished everything
you set out to you feel overwhelmed and defeated.  A very specific schedule and goals can stop
this from happening.  It can also help to
prevent you from falling into all of the procrastination traps that mom’s working
out of the house can easily find.  If you
hold yourself to a schedule it will be harder to justify the thirty minutes you
just spent browsing the internet shopping for a new fall purse. 


First decide when you are going to work and how many hours
you will need to do your job.  This will
vary depending on your children and how many hours your job or business will
require.  If you are at home alone with
an infant or toddler that needs much of your attention nap time may be the
obvious choice for work time.  Likewise
if you take a child to preschool or have a nanny or other help during the day
these would be good hours to designate as work hours.  In addition to knowing when you are going to
work, know when you are not.  If your
preschooler likes to tell you all about what they did that day schedule an hour
break when they come home to spend with them looking at their new artwork and
giving their stories your full attention. 
If you schedule in the break you won’t have to be thinking about work
you should be doing while your four
year old tells you their day’s adventures. 
Also know that if you are working around an infant or toddler’s schedule
right before nap or a meal are not going to be good times to attempt to be


When putting together your schedule be specific.  Moms working at home may schedule their day
casually, such as I will work on project A in the afternoon.  Until suddenly the deadline for project A is
looming closer and closer and you are nowhere near complete.  Try something like this instead, from 6-7am I
will return emails in relation to project A, from 7-8am I will complete an
outline, ect.  Make sure the goals you
set for your time blocks are actually obtainable.  If you can never complete what you want to
you’ll start feeling overwhelmed and like you are constantly playing catch up. 


Reduce your to-do lists. 
This is an important part of organizing home paperwork.  If you have to-do lists written in five
different locations chances are things are falling in to the cracks.  Find one central location to track all of
your to-dos.


Keep your work area organized and clear of things not work
related when at all possible.  If you
find your kids things, or extra mail and house clutter, keep ending up at your
work area try a drop basket.  Keep a
small basket, or dedicate a drawer, to things that don’t belong at your
desk.  Then at the end of the “work day” distribute
these items to their actual home.  This
way you won’t get distracted ten times a day when you go to put away a child’s


Plan your kid’s schedule ahead of time.  Take twenty minutes in the evening after
everyone has gone to bed to pull out activities, art projects, or cds that you
will want to use tomorrow.  Having
activities on deck will save you time the next day from having to think of
something and prepare it on spot.  Plan
and prepare snacks or any part of tomorrow’s meal that you can.  For example chop vegetables, defrostFeature Articles, or pre-measure


If you plan time for work and time for family you really can
have it all!  Organizing home paperwork
is a central part of being successful and happy as well as avoiding becoming overwhelmed
and late with your work.  Your family
will grow and change.   You have to be always flexible since you will
have to grow and change with them.  Take
each new day as it comes and know even if yesterday didn’t go as you planned
you have today to try again!