Fast Start Side Hustle. How it Works Explained

Fast Start Side Hustle. How it Works Explained

I’m going to try and make this post of Fast Start Side Hustle as objective as possible so let me say this:

Quick report on Fast Start Side Hustle:

Name: Fast Start Side fast start side hustle a scam

Creator: Adam Holland.

Price: $0 to get the free eBook but then over $3,000 to get started with the opportunity.

You can also choose from one of several price plans (4) other than the $3,000, one of which costs over $20,000 to start.

I will let you know the risks of those investments shortly but I did not buy it due to those risks.

Final rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Recommended? No but:

It is possible to make a lot of money quickly, but the main problems are:

  1. That it’s extremely expensive to start.
  2. Likely a very low chance of success and no guarantees.
  3. Through Fast Start Hustle, you are joining a high ticket program and that program has the least transparent information I’ve ever seen in my life (no creator, no official name, no address, and no basic obvious info on the company.

And honestly, I am trying to figure out how in the world this opportunity is because when you analyze it objectively, there’s a lot of serious questions I’d be asking. I’d be happy if I was wrong about this and if I am, I’ll update it.


This is a promotion I’m affiliated with:

alternative to fast start side hustle 2

Fast Start Side Hustle explained (full review):

Fast Start Hustle and Adam, it’s creator are promoting a very expensive high ticket program to you (that’s what you’re really buying). Every sale Adam makes from me, you and anyone else who joins, he gets 50% of it (as the affiliate).

But what do you get? Well you get to promote it too, and also receive 50% off everyone who joins through you as well.

So if you buy into this program for $3,000 and get 10 people to join, you’d make $1,500 off each person, or in this case, over $10,000.

There’s only a couple of things to note though:

1) The minimal cost to begin with this program is over $3,000.

2) To make money, you’ll need to find leads, and send them there. If you can’t do it yourself, you will have the option (from my research) to spend extra money on this program to do it for you. And that sounds nice and automated, but there’s many ways this is a bad idea if you understand marketing and the risks of buying leads in the first place.

3) For such a major opportunity to make so much money quickly, you can’t find a single clue online or through Fast Start Side Hustle about what this program actually is.

If you want to spend a lot of money on an opportunity that isn’t exactly showing you this basic info, then you are braver than I am, but I wouldn’t even spend $10 on such an opportunity (maybe $1).

4) Your odds of success in online business are usually very low (1%) and that’s considering you get involved with legitimate opportunities. I personally know from experience how few people ever succeed online and while profits can be high for some opportunities, knowing and having a good blueprint and help makes this possible.

How I found out about Fast Start Side Hustle:

1) I actively scout websites and blogs that review make money online opportunities.

One of them happens to be ScamXposer which I have mixed feelings on. But that site is how I found out about Fast Start Side Hustle.

Anyway, upon looking at the review from ScamXposer (which also isn’t good), I clicked through to the Fast Start Side Hustle website itself to make my own decision.

This took me to a page where Adam promotes an eBook and to get it, you need to enter your email, name and phone number for a special bonus. Since this is common, I opted in.

This then took me to another video by Adam pitching the opportunity and a button that said there’s 20k in value for it and this is where my guard went up. As far as I know, I still have not received this book.

2) I’ve seen this before, so I was preparing myself for what would come next (and I was sadly right):

What this took me to was a long landing page pitching the same opportunity I’ve seen many times already, but being promoted by other people like Adam, who made their own free eBooks like Fast Start Hustle.

All of these people are affiliates for what I consider to be one of the most mysterious and risky companies I’ve ever laid eyes on. If you don’t believe me, here’s a link to other similar promotions like Fast Start Side Hustle which are doing the same thing:

3) Getting involved with such an opportunity comes with risks (know them and keep an open mind):

Put all the grandeur of potentially making money quickly aside folks and be objective here folks. On the front end, you are seeing the opportunity yes, but on the back end, you are actually seeing:

Large sums of investment, no information on the program (it’s not Fast Start Side Hustle you’re joining, remember that), and then re promoting it. This and other potential stuff poses major risks I see with this system.

fast start side hustle prices to join screenshot

Final Rating: Fast Start Side Hustle

3 stars out of 10

Yellow flag

3 out of 10 stars. What’s interesting is that Adam, like some others who also promote this program to me seem like nice people.

But that doesn’t change that this opportunity he’s promoting, like swiss cheese has some serious questions about it.

My final thoughts on Fast Start Side Hustle:

fast start side hustle another good alternative

There’s only 2 positives I can assume on Fast Start Side Hustle:

1) The first is you may be able to make money if you can actually get leads to sign up once you pay the money to join the program.

2) I do believe when you buy this program, you do get stuff and it’s not like they’ll take your money and run. The simple reason for this is that there’s multiple people promoting this program so I do believe it’s real.

But when you weigh these 2 things together against the cons, unfortunately the easily overtake the 2 pros and if you’re comfortable spending a lot of money on something like this, then what can I say, it’s your right.

Fast Start Side Hustle


Fast Start Side Hustle opportunity



  • $1,500 and higher commissions possible.


  • Gateway to an incredibly expensve and unknown high ticket program.

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