Running Your Home Based Business with a Toddler Underfoot

1. Let Them Play “Work”

Set your toddler up with art supplies, a child sized desk and chair, and if possible a toy laptop. Allow them to “work” right beside you, complementing their art work and enthusiasm. Encourage them to be present in the office alongside you, but engaged in their own activities.

2. Take Toddler Breaks

If you’re used to being able to work for long periods of time, uninterrupted, you should probably consider this a thing of the past. With a toddler thrown into the mix, it’s better to learn to utilize the short bursts of uninterrupted time that you DO have, instead of longing for what you used to have. Work and play in short bursts, and you’ll end up being more productive.

3. Work on Paper if Necessary

Although it is obviously preferable to accomplish your computer work at the computer, on really rough days it may be necessary to work longhand while watching your children play. Doing so allows you the flexibility to work where the toys are – outside if necessary. A laptop with wireless internet is another great option, but may not be in the budget for all work at home parents.

4. Enlist help when necessary

Working at home doesn’t mean you have to be available 24-7. If you have a deadline to meet, or a steadily piling backlog, it may be necessary to call in the troops. Ask your partner or a close friend if they can take the children for the day, or hire a local teenager to act as a mothers helper. For a few dollars an hour, you may be able to get more work completed than you’d ever thought possible.

5. Invest in the Proper Tools

Running a home business with children around and maintaining a professional image don’t have to be mutually exclusive events. Invest in a quality phone, with voice mail and a mute button. This will come in extremely handy the next time a temper tantrum erupts in the middle of an important client call. If you work at home on the computer, consider purchasing a software program that locks out the drive buttons, power button, and keyboard to prevent little hands from erasing your hard work.

Running a home based business while raising children may seem like a daunting prospect. Keep in mind that some days will be easier than others. On the good days, be as productive as possible, and on the bad days, hang on for the ride. Soon your children will be grownPsychology Articles, and you’ll have raised both them and a successful home business simultaneously.