Multi-Functional and Easy To Move: Here’s All You Need to Know About Pedestal Fans

Multi-Functional and Easy To Move: Here’s All You Need to Know About Pedestal Fans

Living in a country like India with such extreme weather conditions makes it necessary to have good ventilation in your homes. During the peak summer season, the first thing that comes to your mind is getting a good ceiling fan to get rid of the heat and humidity.

What better thing than a high capacity ceiling fan to circulate the airflow and maintain the temperature in your space? But if you want something more for your space, you can easily explore options for pedestal fans. A pocket-friendly solution, pedestal fans can help you say goodbye to your summer woes with its efficient airflow system.

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What Are Pedestal Fans And Why Should You Get One For Your Home?

Pedestal fans are gaining much popularity due to their versatility because they are lightweight and portable. These fans are used as ventilation systems for your homes and operate by circulating cool air all around the area. The biggest advantage of having a pedestal fan is that all you need is a power outlet attached to a wall to operate this appliance. This makes it easy to use in any room of your home without any hassle.

With today’s technology, you will find various types of fans available in the market. All you need to do is understand your distinctive requirements and identify the best pedestal fan. Here are a few factors to look out for before purchasing a pedestal fan.

Features of a Pedestal Fan

  1. Weight And Maneuverability

While purchasing a pedestal fan, the first and biggest factor to look out for is its weight. The pedestal fan you purchase should be extremely lightweight and easy to carry around to different rooms. In addition, pedestal fans now come with wheels attached for easier movement. They also cover less space as they only require one power outlet to operate.

2.  Multi-Functional

Before buying your pedestal fan, you should make sure that it is equipped with multiple features and functions. The various kinds of features that pedestal fans are equipped with nowadays are remote controls, timers, speed settings, LED display options, etc.

3. Energy saving

Energy saving is one of the biggest pros of purchasing a pedestal fan for your home. This appliance helps you save up to 50% from your monthly utility bill with their advanced energy-efficient technology.

4. Blade speed

Most of the pedestal fans in the market come equipped with a speed setting. This helps you regulate the speed of the oscillation of the blades. With the help of a speed setting, it’s easy to change the speed as per your requirement and utilize the pedestal fan nearly throughout the year.

5. Size

The size of the pedestal fan you purchase depends on what is required for your home. Moreover, some pedestal fans also come with adjustable height features. These fans are available in the market in various types and sizes, so you can be sure that you will find something for your home.

6. Low Maintenance

Most pedestal fans are long-lasting and require extremely low servicing. Therefore, you should always find a pedestal fan that will not cause any maintenance issues in the long run. Additionally, making sure you buy a pedestal fan with a reasonable warranty period can help you maintain the appliance for a long period in a hassle-free manner.

Hopefully, now you have understood what you need to look out for while purchasing a pedestal fan for your home. Of course, many other features like the aesthetic and design, swing mode and variable speed should be taken into consideration as well. Pedestal fans are great appliances that give you a good value for your investment and fulfil your needs on a hot, summery day perfectly.

If you plan to bring home a pedestal fan, you can begin your search by exploring options from reputable brands such as Luminous. They provide a wider range of pedestal fans, suiting different requirements, and come in various aesthetic designs. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get breezy now!

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