Network Your Way to a Work Home Job


Find the job you want. Apply. And wait. Right? Or more less, hope
really bad and wait. This is the norm when it comes to employment, and
if you thought home based employment was any different, think again?
It’s actually just as bad or even worse because the competition for a
work home job is fierce. So many desires a real job working from home
but remain unsure how things are conducted when it comes to the virtual
world. First you should know that communication is vital. Be
open and willing to network with any and everyone related to your work
home interests. It is possible to network you way into a job. Plug
yourself into great networking forums such as (this stands for
work at home mom) and scour the telecommuting boards and such. Great
info. You can also try Great group of people and
wonderful support. Now there are hundreds of forums dedicated to
working from home but these two prove to be the best help for me when I
needed it most. But do not just stop there. If you familiar with the
particular area you would like to become involved with such as Virtual
Assisting, Medical Transcription, Writing, Websites, or the like. There
are tons of associations and National as well as Regional chapters and
groups you can join. Believe it or not, you can even become inventive
and create your own local group for your passion. Think of how many
people are looking to plug themselves into activities that have not
been started yet in their city. These things are all good, but you do
not have to stop there. I want to show you possibility. Mega
sites such as Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and countless others, enable member
groups and have become very popular meeting places for exchanging
information and providing support. You can learn about resources, tips,
and advice for free. All this without paying any fees. Let’s not even
get to social networks such as Myspace, Facebook and more. Though
there are many online tools you can research to gain much needed work
home information, do not neglect your offline market. You want to start
with your local surroundings? Have you ever mentioned the option of
telecommuting to your boss? How about companies in your area that hires
workers from home? You may become surprised to find out how many. Most
of these companies require you to work onsite for sometime before
transitioning to work from home. This is to ensure you are properly
trained as well as ensure your commitment to the company. Check your
local newspapers regularly and visit company websites to check job
listings. Even if the position you find doesn’t specify working from
home, it does not mean it cannot become a possibility for the employer.
You can even take the initiative and inquire on your own with companies
regarding work home positions. It just well could be that they do not
advertise their job postings through print or online medium and you
could luck out on finding a great opportunity. Finally you
should search job engines whenever possible. These days there are
thousands of them in every job category. Just do your research and
select a few that you trust and visit on a regular basis. When you are
searching, you want to use good search terms such as “telecommute” or
“freelance” or even “virtual”, “telework”, “remote” and “off-site”. You
should always avoid “work at home”, While you can surface some good
leads, they will be filtered with scams and work home businesses. Keep
this in mind when putting in a certain amount of time and study
associated with your search. It takes patience and diligence to stick
with the search of your right “fit” concerning home employment. But if
you are committed enough to sticking with it, and taking advantage of
your given resources, your search can be followed by accomplishing a
successful home career.

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