5 Tips to Make a Recruiter Want to Hire You

5 Tips to Make a Recruiter Want to Hire You

Generally, recruiters want to hire you. Their job is to fill out vacant positions, and the sooner they find the right candidate – the better for them. So, they do want you to be that person they are looking for, and they will eagerly stand by you – unless you do something really disappointing. 

The problem is, there’s so much you can do that can be disappointing. For example, things like:

  • Failing to craft an impressive resume/CV 
  • Being impolite or too pushy 
  • Being unmotivated and passive 
  • Failing to show up on time for the interview
  • Talking too much about salary and too little about work itself…

… and a lot more. Still, in the end, when something goes wrong, it’s so tempting to blame it on the recruiter! But don’t let this common bias about “tough” recruiters stand between you and your dream job. Better read our tips on how to make a recruiter want to hire you and follow the advice.    

  1. Craft an Outstanding Resume/CV

How long has it been since you revised your resume or CV? And are you sure it’s really good enough to impress a recruiter? 

Without any exaggeration, your resume/CV is the most important tool in your job search process. And you’ll need it in 100% of all cases. Yes, even if you manage to get referrals from someone inside the company! 

So, audit your resume once again and make sure it’s put together properly, meaning that it:

  • Contains all the relevant data about your work history, skills, credentials, training, etc.
  • Is properly formatted
  • Contains no errors or typos 
  • Totally represents who you are professionally and personally. 

If you’re unsure if your resume/CV is good enough, use a cv writing service at https://skillhub.com/blog  to help you out. Professional CV/resume writers know exactly how the document should look to impress a recruiter, and you won’t have to figure it out yourself. 

Using a writing service like Skillhub will also ensure that your document passes the ATS (applicant tracking system) which up to 99% of the companies use nowadays. If you’re writing your resume on your own, remember to include the keywords from the job description so that the document doesn’t get filtered out as irrelevant. 

  1. Reach Out Personally 

Having a standout resume/CV significantly increases your chances of landing a job. But there’s so much more you can do to get noticed. Particularly, it’s a good idea to reach out to a recruiter or a hiring manager personally. 

You can attain your contacts using your network or simply find them on LinkedIn. The former is preferable, but the latter can do as all, provided you craft your message carefully. Once you have the contacts, write a short letter to introduce yourself. 

In this letter, you should:

  • Indicate your interest in working for the company 
  • Explain why you’d like to become part of the team
  • Give a short summary of your work history and accomplishments. 

Keep your tone of voice businesslike but friendly. If you got the contact through networking, you can mention the acquaintance in common, in case they don’t mind.  

Image : https://www.pexels.com/photo/businessman-man-people-desk-5439379/ 

  1. Stay In Touch 

After you’ve sent a resume or a letter (or both), make sure you keep an eye on the progress. What can be worse than getting a response and then disappearing into the blue? Such an applicant will surely make an impression of being highly irresponsible and disrespectful, and it will hardly do their career any good in the future. 

So, take care to stay in touch once you’ve made the first move. If you are responsive and polite, a recruiter or a hiring manager will conclude that you’re a responsible person whom they can trust, and that’s already half the deal! 

  1. Be Well-Prepared

So, you have an impressive resume that’s custom-tailored for the job you’re applying for, and you’ve also managed to make rapport with the recruiter or the hiring manager. You’re already halfway there – but there’s still the interview ahead, and that will make the real difference. 

Hence you should go out of your way to excel where it counts. It doesn’t mean you must show too much eagerness as it might be taken for desperation. What it does mean is that you should come prepared. 

Whichever career field you’re occupied in, the interview questions are pretty much the same everywhere. Any recruiter will probably ask you about things like:

  • Your background 
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Motives and aspirations
  • Skills and accomplishments
  • Why you left your previous job, etc. 

There are many articles on the internet with answer suggestions to these common questions. Study them and work out your own best answers, then rehearse the dialogue.      

  1. Be Nice & Honest 

Recruiter, hiring manager, CEO, or applicant – we’re all only human, after all. And we all like to be treated nicely. It’s not only the information you provide that matters, but also the way you communicate it – especially if you apply to a position that implies human interaction on a regular basis. 

However stellar your resume, there’s little chance anyone would want to employ you if you’re arrogant, tactless, rude – you name it. Basically, we all know how important it is to be nice and charming, but how often do we forget it? Especially when we feel like we’re close to failing. 

Being close to winning, on the other hand, makes candidates exaggerate their achievements, research shows. Though this behavior is common, try to remain honest: sooner or later, all lies surface, and then you might eventually be in for trouble. 

Wrapping Up 

Most times, recruiters already want to hire you by default. All you need to do is to engage their attention, make a good first impression, and then persuade them that you are the perfect fit for the job. 

Difficult as it may seem, this is quite manageable, provided you apply for positions you’re qualified for. With the help of our tips listed above, you’ll win the heart of any recruiter and will have all chances of landing your dream job. 

Published at Fri, 10 Sep 2021 04:13:11 -0400