Work at Home: If This Is So Easy, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

Does any of this sound familiar? Unless you have spent the last year on another planet, you have probably seen several of these statements. They are everywhere. Try checking your email accounts and chances are one of these ads will pop up in the side bar. Surf the web and you will see a banner promoting the next magical road to freedom. Gosh, they are now showing up on our television.

Okay, you say, let’s try one and just see if I can make a gad zillion dollars before the weekend.

I pick the work at home offer that appeals to me. This is something I am really interested in and the money seems great. But wait, I now have to answer questions, some even go so far as insisting I create a password. Enough of wasting my time, just send me the money!

Finally I get past all the ho-hum stuff. At last, the part where I will get the money. But wait. Horrors! Now I am told I have to “do” something. These people really expect me to work?

This is where people give up. Oh, they may try for a day or two, then throw in the towel. They can justify their decision. “The work is too hard. I don’t have time. It’s not at all what I thought. I am just too tired.”

Now these same people are experts at work at home. They know it does not work.

But, work at home does “work” if the person behind it “works”.

Please don’t be discouraged by bad publicity. If you are truly looking to take control of your future and work from home, you can do it. If you are willing to sacrifice the time it takes and never quit, you will succeed.

It is not easy. Sometimes it can be very frustrating.

You do have to work. If it was so easyFree Articles, then everyone would be doing it. It takes a dedicated person willing to work.

How do we know all this is true? Because we work at home!