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Present Online Jobs offer a merger of an employee’s personal life and work responsibilities with the optimum of sensibility. It is presenting jobs, which are flexible in terms of workload, work place, working hours, or even employer! Efficiency is much enhanced as time that was previously wasted to meet the needs of time and place can now be put to constructive use. Not to mention the convenience, both to the employee and employer, which is the result of using the Internet as the primary medium of communication in work. The flexibility it offers attracts a large number of students, housewives, freelancers and even conventional office workers to do Online Jobs.    Online Jobs are being posted in various dedicated Internet sites, allowing easy navigation and search. Other than that, Online Jobs can also be assumed by converting the conventional job into work-from-home job. Students and other such part time workers usually prefer the former option to hunt Online Jobs. Jobs at such websites can easily generate $2000+ a month, if the worker can work only for two to three hours a day! It may be tougher and more consuming to start with, and getting the first job may put off many providers who may have bright prospects. However, if one sticks to it, then with gradual progression and experience, the pay is sure to rise. Also, with time, one learns to do the job more quickly, so that working hours decrease.   At freelancing sites many employers post their projects accompanied by the deadlines and their approximate budget. The shear number of projects may be confusing, but if these guidelines are adhered to, the search will definitely make sense. The websites list projects according to categories of work type, budget, deadlines, and date of posting. It is advisable for a person who does not possess skills like programming or website designing to opt for Data Entry and Copyrighting. Copyrighting may offer a higher rate, but data processing has its merits too. To start with, make a decent, adequately detailed profile. Include details like specialty, experience and qualifications. Remember, reading your profile is the primary way an employer can use to judge you. Now that you have done that, welcome yourself to a new globe of job hunting! Make your start in job search by searching for the latest Projects. Doing so makes sure that you filter through the thousands of projects that many people may have already bided upon. Scroll through the list of projects and click on ones that meet your expertise. Each website contains has its own portfolio system so that you have to build your experience in each to boost a better record. That means, to start with, you will have to be content with the lowest price the employer may be willing to pay. That is the downside of Online Jobs! No need to worry though, once you have a portfolio that has recommendations and experience details, the work would start to flow in and you can then demand a higher wage.The websites work on a bidding system: the employer posts the project details and the providers have to submit the details as to how much time they would take to finish the project and how much money they demand for that. Those having a credible portfolio can demand a higher pay, but beginners should stick to the lowest bid. In addition, there is a system of PM or private message, which can be used to tell the employer that the provider is a beginner; nevertheless the service provided would be excellent. If the employer replies then Bingo! You may inching smoothly towards your first Online Job!