Work at Home – Difference between Freelancing and Telecommuting


The second category is company-on-roll employees are hired on a permanent or contract basis by a company to cut down the expenses instead of offering him higher salaries. With the advance technologies, it is now possible that you can see and talk to a person on the other end of world. This concept is used by many companies to hire employees from overseas, who can work from home . The same concept is used by freelancers to procure work on contract basis. Work from Home Jobs – Telecommuting Employees The concept of telecommuting offers two fold advantages. The company need not provide the employee who is doing the work from the home job with higher salaries. But the employee is satisfied as he is saved from the trouble of overheads in terms of time spent in commuting as well as the money. The pay-checks in such cases may be collected in person or the company may deposit the salary in the employee’s bank account. Work from Home Jobs – Freelance Unlike the above mentioned concept, the freelance or freelancers are people who are experts in an area or the other. If nothing, they are good at typing and thus can work on simple projects such as data entry etc. There are many opportunities available for people who are willing to work from home as freelance. However, the catch in this case is that the freelance is a temporary person who works on contract basis. Again this is a work from home job . Many websites offer list for work at home . Many freelancer approach the person who has had the job listed on the website. Based on the quotes given by the freelance for the particular job, the person who posted the job offers the contract to one of the freelancers. Most websites often act as a mediator for money transfer after the contract work is approved by the client. Work at home opportunities – Requirements for Freelancing People who wish to be their own boss need to be dedicated to the work they undertake. Though they are on a work from home job , they should treat it as a professional venture. There are many things that one needs to learn before they can procure good paying projects. The first and foremost is patience.

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