Data Entry Work At Home -Three Feasible And Lucrative Options

Data entry work at home covers a large variety of job opportunities in various fields. Some might require specific qualifications while others might not.

Data entry work at home largely involves as the name suggests, the input of data onto a computer. Given the large spectrum that this could cover, your options are more than plenty and you could actually find data entry work in a field that you enjoy. Finding and establishing your niche might take time and effort but it is certainly not impossible. You will also find that once you have managed to establish this, there will be a constant flow of projects without you making too much of an effort.

What does it involve?

Data entry work at home can require you to work with various things ranging from spreadsheets, correspondence, databases, records, reports and lists. These tasks can range from being simple and easy to tedious and tiring. The key to being successful will depend solely on your efficiency and your ability to record data accurately. If you can manage these two things within the specified time frames, then this is a career path that you could excel in. Some data entry jobs at home are more lucrative than others. Let’s have a look at some of these options.


Transcribing is not a new concept to the world of data entry work at home. You can choose from legal or medical transcription. A data entry job that involves transcribing would require you to listen to the data and enter it accurately. This kind of job also requires you to have some specialized equipment like foot pedals and ear phones. The foot pedal assists you in setting the speed for the data that you are listening to. If you are interested in either of the two categories, you might need to familiarize yourself with legal and medical jargon to help you be more accurate. Some employers might even require this of you as a prerequisite before giving you a project to work on.

Medical coding

This type of data entry work at home is highly specialized. Medical coders ensure that medical data that is sensitive is managed and entered in a proper manner. If this is a field that you are interested in, you will have to make sure you have the proper qualifications that are required. If you do not, there are course available that you can enroll for through correspondence to get the required training. Being part time courses, these will not interfere too much with your existing work.

Legal coding

Similar to the concept of medical coding is the concept of legal coding. Legal coding too is a very lucrative option for data entry work at home. If you decide to enter this field of data entry, it would involve the converting of scanned and physical documents into electronic media. The job will also include you having to categorize the converted documents and storing them according to various set search criteria. Once againFeature Articles, you might need to undergo some professional training before you are qualified to take on projects in this field to familiarize yourself with legal jargon etc.