Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Enjoy Presenting the Work At Home Mums Christmas Gift Guide! We’ve found the beautiful, the practical and sometimes just the downright silly to help plan your Christmas gifts for anyone. Now happily updated for 2021.

Christmas is coming up fast! Now, if you’re not one of those people that has all their shopping done by August (me) and you’re trying to be a little bit more organised then last year’s shopping on the 24th of December (may also be me) then we are here to help!

Enter WAHM’s Christmas Gift Guide, the perfect companion for Christmas gift ideas. Now, given a lot of people in Australia can’t currently browse through shops and postage this year is a nightmare, we’re getting a head start on our guide and publishing in October.

We’ve scoured the internet to find interesting gift ideas, and most of them are by Work At Home Mums so you’ll be supporting small businesses at the same time. All without getting off the couch (or even out of your pajamas). So grab a glass of wine and lets go shopping.

Keep in mind that although we’ve divided it up into sections, a lot of the products and websites are full of things for everyone. Enjoy. 😉

nature hunt gift set for kids

Creative Gift Sets

Get away from traditional toys and get kids being creative and active with a variety of gift sets from The Create Kids Squad. They have everything from rock paining to wall hangings to a flower press kit. My personal favourite is the Nature Hunt Eco Bag.

Potato Clock

Encouraging your budding scientist with this potato clock. Comes with everything you need to learn about electricity and chemical reactions except the potatoes.

connetix tiles rainbow

musical instrument educational wooden toy


Christmas in Australia means Summer. Kit out the kids in some new sunsafe swimwear. Tic Tas Togs has a great range of swimmers (or togs or bathers) designed for maximum sun rotection for kids 0 – 14.

bath caddy

Timber Bath Caddy

Who could say no to a relaxing bath with a glass of wine and your favourite tv show or book on your iPad. Give the gift of relaxation wtih this adjustable timber bath caddy.

tesalate towel gift

Tesalate Towels

If you have someone who loves the beach, these towels are a match. They love water, reject sand and dry quick, making them a perfect for beach bags.

coffee gift set hamper

gardening tools in storage apron

inspirational card pack

bidiliia earings for a christmas gift

Bidiliia Earrings

Christmas is a time for sparkly things. Like stars and tinsel or these gorgous earrings. The rest of Bidiliia’s collection is just as stunning whether its earrings, necklaces or even bags and silk headbands.

Tea Blend Sampler Kit

If you know a lover of tea this is the perfect gift. With 6 different blends they are sure to find something they love.

Art inspired gifts

Ceci Studio was created to make owner Samone’s artwork into things like candles and cushions. And boy are they pretty. If you wan’t gorgeous, colourful homewares to decorate, this is the place to go.

Hunny Huggers

Matching Pjs

How about some matching Christmas pjs? These stretch knit bamboo pajamas come in mens, ladies and kids. The shorts even have pockets! They also have other designs too if Christmas themed isn’t your thing.

llama design tote bag

dinosaur taco holder


Because who doesn’t need a taco holder shaped like a dinosaur? Seriously, I would buy this for the name alone. Also comes in Tacosaurus Rex, Nachosaurus and Ultrasaurus.

Mr Grumpy Nails Fatherhood

It’s Mr Men for grown-ups. The beloved Mr Men and Little Miss characters are just trying to navigate life. This one is about Mr Grumpy, but there’s also Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood, Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating and others.

Christmas ornament with people and toilet paper

Everybody Loves Hampers

If you want something made with eco-conscious brands then Everybody Loves Hampers is your go to. They have some fabulous ones too, including kids hampers, relaxation hampers gardening hampers and earth friendly hampers.

BS Box

A subscription box to encourage me time and self care. Filled with 6-10 products a month from Australian small businesses. You don’t have to get a subscription either, you can choose to gift a one off box for the upcoming month.

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