Endless Opportunities-A Few Examples Of Legit Work From Home

You read about working from home, but you also read about the scams involving working from home. There is legit work from home opportunities available. 

As our society realized that everyone cannot work away from home in the traditional nine to five job, telecommuting has become more prevalent. Telecommuting is a term to refer to working from home. It has been found that many jobs can be done just as effectively in a home office with the aid of email communication, video conferencing and telephone conversation. In addition, working from home helps to reduce global warming. This is accomplished by reducing the number of cars on the road that emit greenhouse gases. Telecommuting has led the way for other legit work from home prospects. 

Home shoring

Home-shoring, a legit work from home career, describes U.S. companies hiring U.S. workers to answer customer service calls from home. These workers do a range of duties from handling hotel and airline reservations to roadside assistance. Hilton Hotels has 900 work-at-home reservation agents that confirm hotel accommodations. Arise Virtual Solutions hires work-at-home agents who answer roadside assistance calls for AAA. Most of these companies require their workers to undergo training. There are part-time and full-time opportunities available. There are small fees attached to some of these companies. For example, Arise requires agents to be stand-alone incorporated businesses. Most states charge approximately $100 fee for the business license. A major requirement for home-shoring is a quiet environment since you will be taking customer phone calls. Children screaming or dogs barking is not appropriate background noise when conducting business with a customer.

Growing popularity

A reason for the growth of home-shoring in the legit work from home sector is a combination of factors. The wages and other costs associated with business operations are rising in countries where these jobs used to be outsourced. The financial benefit of outsourcing these jobs has been severely diminished. Another consideration is that communication difficulties with agents from other countries have lead to customer dissatisfaction and anger.   

Transcriptionist service

Transcriptionist service is another niche that offers legit work from home. Work at home transcriptionists are independent contractors and transcribe and amend recorded reports on their home computers. There are two types of transcriptionists: the medical transcriptionist and the legal transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionists are employed by doctor offices and translate recorded dictation into typed reports which are then placed into patient files. It is of utmost importance that the medical transcriptionist be familiar with medical terms, legal standards and legal requirements that pertain to health records. Legal transcriptionists, on the other hand, create documents from a lawyer’s dictation. A knowledge of legal terminology is a prerequisite for this position.

Insurance jobs 

Another avenue that offers legit work from home is insurance. One example of a position that can be performed from your home office is an agency sales representative. After a training program provided by the companyFree Web Content, you will be able to answer calls or emails regarding new property and casualty insurance business.  You will be able to counsel customers as to what level of coverage will best meet their needs.  This is a position that offers the potential of promotion in the insurance field.