A Single Mom’s Guide to Hiring a Lawyer

A Single Mom’s Guide to Hiring a Lawyer

If you have an uncooperative or abusive spouse, then divorce and custody hearings can be quite an ordeal to deal with. As you can imagine, having the right lawyer can greatly shift success in your favor and can often make the process go far more smoothly as well. Thus, here are the top things that you should keep in mind when hiring an attorney:

Know What Kind of Attorney to Hire

First things first, you should be aware of which lawyer will be most useful for you. Even if you are separating from your spouse, a divorce attorney may not be the first expert that you need. If you are a victim of a domestic abuse, then you may need to press assault charges against them first. This may help with any later legal proceedings that you want to follow up with.

Of course, if your spouse or partner is being particularly vindictive and pressing false charges against you, you may need a completely different type of lawyer. Under these circumstances it is possible that you may require bail hearing support instead. Thus, you will need to choose your attorney based on your specific situation.

Pay Attention to Experience and Win Record

Naturally, you want to win your case. And, if possible, you want to do so as swiftly and painlessly as possible. Thus, someone who is experienced with your kind of circumstances can make all the difference here. Due to this, it is important to pay attention to your potential lawyer’s track record.

To begin with, consider how many years they have been practicing this particular branch of law. The more cases they have tried, the better equipped they are to tackle the justice system. Also take a look at their work history and determine how many cases they have won and lost to figure out just how good they are.

Trust and Communication Matter

Remember that such cases can be exhausting and emotionally draining. As such, you need to embark on this journey with someone that you really trust. When interviewing potential attorneys, consider how feel about them on a personal level.

Do you find that they are easy to talk to? Are they listening to you and taking your point of view into consideration? Do they answer your questions in a satisfactory manner? Do you feel comfortable and at ease with them?

Consider the Payment Structure

Last, but certainly not least, consider how will need to pay your lawyer. Every professional and firm has their own way of billing. It is important to know how you are being charged. Check whether research done by your lawyer or paralegals will incur extra costs.

By gaining a proficient understanding of this, you can avoid incurring any unnecessary fees or charges. Thus, you are less likely to suffer when you are finally billed.

These are the top things for single moms to remember when hiring a lawyer. As long as you pay attention to these guidelines you should be able to find someone who is experienced and a perfect fit for your requirements.

Published at Mon, 01 Nov 2021 12:02:13 -0400